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Adlumin Launches CMMC Assessment Feature

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Today, Adlumin announced that users have access to a new assessment tool that will streamline preparation for the U.S. Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

The CMMC framework incorporates comprehensive and scalable certification elements to verify the proper implementation of processes and practices associated with achieving a specific cybersecurity maturity level. The purpose of CMMC is to provide the Department with complete assurance that a Defense Industrial Base Sector (DIB) company can successfully protect sensitive, unclassified information.

“Building the CMMC assessment tool into our platform gives our customers and partners even greater capabilities to assess their cybersecurity posture,” said Dan McQuade, Vice President of Engineering at Adlumin. “We are aware of the complexity of CMMC, so our goal was to create an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that walks users through the assessment process, making it straightforward for them to achieve their ultimate compliance goals.”

With Adlumin’s CMMC Assessment tool, users will gain access to a user-friendly tool that gauges their progress towards achieving the CMMC certification level appropriate for their organization.

Below are the user benefits of the new feature:

  • A Dashboard providing a high-level overview of your compliance level across all 17 CMMC domains.
  • Visualizations to easily identify gaps in your organization’s process and practice maturity level attainment.
  • The ability to note and manage tasks required to improve your organization’s cybersecurity maturity.
  • On-demand reports providing a snapshot of your current compliance level.

The CMMC assessment tool is just one of many new features within the platform. As the year progresses, the company will continue to deploy enhanced features, advancing the cybersecurity experience for their customers and partners around the nation.

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