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Adolescent Counseling Technology From Possibilities for Change Reduces Youth Nicotine and Tobacco Use

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Possibilities for Change (P4C), a leading provider of solutions designed to identify and reduce youth risk behaviors, today announced the national launch of the Adolescent Counseling Technology for Nicotine & Tobacco (ACT-NT). ACT-NT is an interactive, evidence-based health assessment & counseling system designed for the unique needs of youth using nicotine products – including vaping, cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco.

Developed in part with funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), ACT-NT was created to provide an engaging platform for youth, while also delivering tailored cessation coaching. Using science-based communications techniques proven to be most effective in adolescent behavior change, the ACT-NT technology identifies what triggers nicotine use (e.g., peer influence, stress, addiction) among youth participants – and what may motivate them to quit. ACT-NT has been proven effective in reducing nicotine use among young tweens and teens. Youth using ACT-NT had a 34% decrease in the use of nicotine products after 1 month and 44% reduction after 3 months. And 50% of youth reporting vaping took steps to reduce or quit using.

The newest addition to P4C’s suite of youth risk reduction solutions and services, Nicotine & Tobacco is the second program on the ACT technology platform – following the initial release of Sexual Health (ACT-SH). The secure, web-based ACT programs are designed to be delivered in both clinical and non-clinical settings, (e.g., in schools, physician offices, or youth-serving community-based organizations); and include three critical components:

  • Assessment of Risks & Behaviors
  • Tailored Risk Coaching & Action Plan
  • Continued Engagement via Text

Among youth using ACT-NT, 84% opted in to receive the program’s health education and tailored coaching, 64% created an action plan to reduce or eliminate their use of nicotine or tobacco and 42% opted to receive text message follow-up.

“Quitting nicotine is no easier for youth than it is for adults,” explained Dr. Jennifer Salerno, founder of Possibilities for Change. “In fact, given what we are learning about adolescent brain development – it may be much, much harder for them. We cannot simply tell youth not to vape – and punitive policies or ‘grounding’ them doesn’t support them in reducing or quitting use. ACT-NT provides an effective, and (most importantly for youth engagement) technology-based tool in our fight to reduce the nation’s vaping epidemic.”

Learn more about the ACT-NT to reduce youth vaping here.

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