Press release

Advanced Onion Enhances Executive Team in Pursuit of Corporate Growth

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Advanced Onion, Inc. (AO) has added another layer of strategy to its
best-in-class technology delivery and uniquely personalized business
development. Romain Nowakowski joined the AO team in April 2019 as Vice
President of Strategic Growth and Business Development. Paul Temple, CEO
of AO said, “We’re very excited to have Romain aboard. He brings much
experience in the markets that we’ll continue to support and grow; with
his diverse range of expertise, we look forward to forging new
relationships and delivering innovative technologies to government
customers and teaming partners to solve critical mission needs.”
active role will be to provide the strategic vision, market expertise
and thought leadership to drive AO’s continued growth and ensure AO’s
customer’s mission success.

Romain is working to make AO the premier trusted advisor to the US
Public Sector marketplace for Identity Access Management, Continuous
Evaluation, Biometric applications and Security Posture enhancement. “I
intend to leverage this, and drive AO to develop and expand its
Information Assurance/Cybersecurity, Enterprise Engineering and
SecDevOps portfolios,
” says Romain.

With a proven track record of twenty-three years in the technology and
security industry and having owned and led various companies, he refined
his entrepreneurial spirit and provided strategic vision to help drive
growth. He explained that his success “…has been built on a deep and
broad understanding of the market, strong trusted relationships within
the industry and the ability to provide superlative customer support.”

By leveraging AO’s current capabilities, innovative advancements in new
technologies, highly skilled employees and institutional processes,
Romain plans to drive the expansion of services. “I will mentor and
provide thought leadership to use this as a platform to continue to
strengthen our customer’s security posture by developing innovative and
cutting-edge technologies and services that will benefit all and allow
us to expand into new markets,”
says Romain.

As AO continues to be the market leader in identity solutions and
services, they look to their newest Executive to assist in developing
strategies for corporate growth and success. Romain concludes, “I’ll
carry on the tradition, fostered by Paul, of making positive impacts on
the lives of those in the AO organization and AO’s customers. I’m
surrounded by extremely talented people that truly care about our
customers and the technology services we are delivering in order to
ensure success of the mission.”