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Advanced Telecom Analytics Solutions for a Telco Results in a 25% Lift in Savings | Quantzig’s Latest Success Story Offers Comprehensive Insights

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, has announced the completion of its latest success story that illustrates how telecom analytics solutions helped a telecom service provider to enhance customer experience by improving service efficiency.

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Telecom Analytics Engagement Outcomes

Telecom Analytics Engagement Outcomes

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Driving profitable growth is cumbersome for telecom service providers in the US, given the ongoing changes in the regulatory landscape.. With new telecom players entering the market and capital costs skyrocketing at high speed, telcos are witnessing, a tri-fold increase in customer acquisition costs. Also, most of the prominent telecom services providers are now focusing on enhancing customer experience. To sustain in such a competitive world, telecom companies are now leveraging on data to gain actionable insights to improve and improvise their product and service offerings. Telecom analytics in such a scenario helps telecom companies to gain insights into consumer behavior, expectations, and preferences.


“Telecom analytics has the potential to transform telecom business processes, enabling companies to win the battle to earn more customers and create new revenue streams,” says a telecom analytics expert from Quantzig.

Predictive Analytics Engagement: Outcome, insights, and solutions offered

The client is a leading telecom services provider in North America who was facing several challenges that spanned across core areas of their business operations. Serving their huge customer base while meeting their expectations was a crucial task for this client. They were to understand customer behavior and redefine their service portfolio to attract new customers. They collaborated with Quantzig to leverage its expertise in telecom analytics solutions to retail and acquire new customers while driving profitability.

A deep dive into the challenges facing the US telecom industry helped our telecom analytics experts understand the problems faced by the client and how they can leverage analytics to streamline operations and maximize profits. To do so, our experts implemented an advanced data analytics model and built a BI consumption layer, which was integrated with their existing data management system to provide a familiar analytics environment for their entire marketing team. The key business outcomes included-

  • Gained deeper insights on customer behavior
  • 25% increase in operational cost savings
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