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ADVault Disrupts Person-centered Care with Multiple Milestones

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ADVault, Inc., creators of MyDirectives®, the world’s leading all-digital advance care planning platform, is showcasing a series of achievements to help empower consumers to have a voice in their care at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. The improvements range from web and mobile enhancements, key content partnerships, technical infrastructure roll-outs based on the latest in IT standards, and consumer-facing alliances with major industry leaders. The company urged gathered industry leaders to make 2020 the year in which meaningful consumer engagement in healthcare shifts from talk to reality.

“Nobody should have to live in fear that they’ll have a health crisis and not have a voice in their care,” said Jeff Zucker, ADVault’s CEO. “As Jamie Dimon has said many times and every CEO here knows, the chaos and confusion that surrounds a health emergency, chronic disease and elderly health crisis touches many people and directly impacts economic productivity. Recent advances in technology have made 2020 the year when person-centered care is a cost-saving reality.”

For decades, corporate, healthcare and policy experts have known that billions of dollars are wasted each year due to the disconnect between what people want and what actually happens to them during a healthcare crisis. Paper-based advance directives, and now more robust digital advance care plans with audio and video messages to help make a person’s wishes clear, have long been seen as a solution. Yet, a fragmented healthcare industry overwhelmed with varying priorities has never had an easy on-ramp to encouraging people to document their voice and making it accessible in the time of need. The crisis is growing as costs increase, healthcare gets more specialized, society gets more mobile and ages, and consumers are more accustomed to having their voices heard.

Recent achievements are helping ADVault address this situation. For example, ADVault’s recent upgrade to MyDirectives MOBILETM, exclusively for Apple products, gives consumers unprecedented control over their voice. Just as consumers can securely deposit a check using their banking app, now people can attach or snap a photo of their paper living will, medical power of attorney or portable medical order and store it in the secure ADVault ExchangeTM for seamless, secure, easy access when needed. The Most Unselfish SelfieTM video messaging feature has been made easier as well.

“The MyDirectives app provides an unparalleled degree of personalization in advance care planning,” said Kerry Weems, Former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. “I know my wishes are expressed to my family in a manner that they can carry them out with confidence and clarity. There’s no ‘legalese’ for them to agonize over.”

Other key ADVault milestones and achievements include:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: Getting person-generated documents into the medical record has become easier thanks to content and transport standards that ADVault helped steer the industry to develop and approve. ADVault’s provider reach grew with additional integrations with health information exchanges across the country. MyDirectives is the only advance care planning platform offered by electronic medical records leaders Epic and Cerner. Cerner’s relationship with ADVault is global.
  • Five Wishes® The world’s most popular paper advance directive, Five Wishes, announced in 2019 that its users can easily store their documents in the global ADVault Exchange™.
  • Humana: In 2019, health and wellness leader Humana expanded its use of MyDirectives with secure single-sign-on access to the millions of Humana members via the portal.
  • United/AARP: In 2019, health innovation partners UnitedHealthcare and AARP expanded the reach of MyDirectives to members of UnitedHealthcare’s Medicare Supplement program.
  • AMDA: The Society for Post-Acute and Long-term Care endorsed ADVault’s CatalystTM and CollaborateTM facilitated advance care planning modules imbedded with AMDA clinical content to help its over 50,000 clinicians in the LTPAC arena.

“As a doctor, I know how vital a quality advance care plan can be to me doing my work and how difficult it is for my colleagues to find this critical information when needed,” said Dr. Brian Yeaman, ADVault’s Medical Director for Clinical Informatics and Workflows. “Thanks to the hard work of so many of the companies gathered here, that fact that it has been burdensome is not an excuse anymore. We owe it to our patients to know what matters most to them so we can treat them with dignity and respect. The MyDirectives platform makes this seamless and practical.”

ADVault’s enterprise suite has specific solutions for hospitals, electronic health records companies, insurance plans, medical practices, health information exchanges, community groups, lawyers, clergy and, above all, directly for consumers. More information can be found by contacting

About MyDirectives:

With consumer users in over 40 countries, MyDirectives®, a service of Dallas, Texas-based ADVault, Inc., is the world’s leading all-digital advance care planning platform. MyDirectives lets people create, store, update and share the free MyDirectives digital advance care plan or upload any third-party digital or paper-based advance directive (such as documents from Caring Conversations®, Five Wishes®, the VA form 10-0137 (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) advance care plan or portable medical order document. Additional information can be found at or this TEDx Talk.