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AdvisoryCloud Announces Complimentary Access to 12,000+ Advisors to Provide Companies Strategic Business Advice During COVID-19

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AdvisoryCloud, the leading digital platform for advisors, announced today the launch of complimentary Virtual Advisory Boards (referred to as “AdvisoryClouds”) to help companies receive business advice from their network of 12,000+ advisors, many of which are some of the top C-Suite executives in the world who actively want to help companies get through this time. Any CEO or C-Suite executive can confidentially post their top three most challenging questions and receive real-time advice, via email, to address their most pressing issues and concerns from thousands of executives with extensive business experience on topics including navigating supply chain disruptions, finding financial solutions, streamlining operations, generating revenue in new ways, as well as hundreds of other situations companies are facing during COVID-19.

“Every company is struggling right now in some way, shape, or form. We have thousands of incredibly smart advisors who want to give back and help, so we figured out a way to bring them both together,” said Jonathan Aspatore, founder and CEO of AdvisoryCloud. “The beauty of a virtual advisory board, or AdvisoryCloud as we call it, is that within 24 hours you can get real-time answers to your biggest challenges from thousands of experienced executives. Sometimes, all it takes is one good idea from someone else to open your eyes to a solution and give you hope or help you see an alternative way. On top of this, our advisors include some of the foremost experts on topics such as supply chain management and streamlining operations, making it incredibly worthwhile to get their opinions before acting.”

While Virtual Advisory Boards were originally slated for release at the end of 2020, in the last seven days AdvisoryCloud has expedited development to create a beta version available for immediate release in light of COVID-19. Eligible companies include all “for-profit” organizations based in the United States with 10 or more employees.

How it Works:

  • Eligible companies enrolled in the Virtual Advisory Board program post their top three challenges, questions, or scenarios they are currently facing.
  • Qualified advisors reply to the questions via email, providing immediate suggestions, ideas, and a third-party perspective on problem-solving.
  • If companies would like to connect with an advisor for further insights, they can hire the advisor on an hourly basis directly through their profile on AdvisoryCloud.

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