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After Six-Year Hiatus, JibJab Explores Its Political Roots Again With Launch of Free “Go Vote” Digital Content and Partnership with Rock the Vote

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Not since 2014 has JibJab made a concerted effort to put a comical spin on politics or rouse U.S. consumers around a presidential election, and now, for the first time since then, JibJab is going back to its roots with the release of its 2020 “Go Vote” personalized music video, and the announcement of a partnership with Rock the Vote. As Millennials and Gen Z are expected to comprise nearly 40% of American voters in 2020, the partnership perfectly marries the power of JibJab’s personalized media tech platform with the most reputable brand behind empowering America’s youth to vote.

JibJab made a conscious decision in 2016 to pause the development and release of all political satire as the landscape had changed dramatically. The direct-to-consumer brand instead focused on their core mission to make billions of people happy every day and further innovate and grow its product with novel music and other industry partnerships, videos and more. The Los Angeles-based digital entertainment brand, founded in 1999, was one of the first companies to let people insert selfies into e-cards, videos and GIFs and skyrocketed to fame in 2004 when it released “This Land,” a political parody featuring President George W. Bush and opponent Senator John Kerry. While JibJab has long been known for its political satires and dancing elves, it has more recently established itself as the leading provider of original content and tools for messaging.

“We fondly remember when politics were funny as our roots are firmly planted in political satire, and as we move forward in this current election year, we are honored to be able to partner with such a reputable brand as Rock the Vote,” said JibJab CEO Paul Hanges. “I am proud of what JibJab has created and the efforts we’ve undertaken to bring awareness to the importance of voting when it comes to the future of our democracy. We hope our content can help bridge the gap between ‘red’ and ‘blue’ while also once again offering Americans the opportunity to share a laugh at the expense of our politicians.”

“Creativity can inspire and mobilize people, start a productive dialogue and deliver a message, and this video has all the classic JibJab ingredients – fun, cheerful music and a fast pace – but it also encourages our audience to look beyond the current noise and vote for a positive future,” added JibJab Chief Creative Officer Mauro Gatti.

To broaden their efforts this year and celebrate its re-entry into the development and creation of political satire, JibJab decided to partner with Rock the Vote, the most trusted nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young voters. As Rock the Vote marks 30 years of activism and the US is celebrating National Voter Registration Day, JibJab will work with the nonprofit to promote awareness and increase engagement among the millions of subscribers who create content through its platform every day. Rock the Vote, founded in 1990, is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young people.

“We are excited to partner with JibJab to reach and inspire its community to participate in our democracy,” said Rock the Vote President and Executive Director Carolyn DeWitt. “The beauty of JibJab is to connect and share with family and friends, which is one of the most powerful things we can do this election – encourage those in our social networks and make sure they have the resources they need to vote.”

About JibJab

JibJab is a leading independent provider of social expression content through branded satires, e-cards, and messages. JibJab’s products enable millions of people to create and share personalized videos to celebrate holidays, capture moments, or just share hilarious greetings. From its flagship JibJab E-Cards, Music Videos, and GIFs, the company has been pioneering new forms of digital fun since its founding by two brothers in a Brooklyn garage in 1999. Now based in Los Angeles, California, the studio is home to world-class artists, technologists and business people working hard in pursuit of their mission to make “billions of people happy.”

About Rock the Vote

Rock the Vote is a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to building the political power of young people. For over 25 years, Rock the Vote has revolutionized the way we use pop culture, music, art and technology to engage young people in politics, registering and turning out millions of young voters on campuses, in communities, and online. Learn more at and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram at @rockthevote.