Press release

Agile Surgical Assistants, LLC Announce Launch of Mi Clique Website

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One of the biggest challenges brought by the pandemic this year is to get back to our normal lifestyles. With a record number of the American workforce furloughed and others who just plain lost their jobs due to the pandemic this year, millions of citizens wonder if their jobs are temporarily lost or permanently gone forever.

Adding to the unemployed masses, Walt Disney, amongst other major corporations, have recently laid off approximately 60,000 employees – More hardworking people to worry about their families, rent/mortgage and other monthly expenses, to include the relentless pursuit of bill collectors, leaving no room for the unemployed to breathe.

While a growing fear of a second lockdown, more job losses and a hopeless second stimulus package dragging thru limbo, people are wondering “how to make ends meet.” Let’s be honest, another $1200 stimulus package will only purchase a few necessities or barely pay for the mortgage.

With no evidence of economic relief from our government, due to personal and political vendettas, our fellow Americans continue to be evicted, lose jobs and line up at food banks in record number. We felt the need to create a system that will help provide some aid for unemployed and pandemic-stricken citizens. Taking the concept of “Crowdfunding” and adding our methodology of a developed sharing system is an open community sharing pot where as members donate, that member, in turn, receives a good deed reward for their donation. Each member is cycled through our process to ensure that our members can receive aid to help pay for bills or other expenses. “When we help each other… We help Ourselves”

Mi Clique is a membership website that offers anyone to join for a minimum monthly subscription. For more information, visit