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Agilent Announces Higher-Sensitivity XF Analysis Solution for Low Abundant Immune Cell Metabolic Analysis

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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the Agilent Seahorse XF HS Miniplate designed specifically for the Agilent Seahorse XF HS Mini Analyzer for improved immune cell metabolic analysis.

Immunology and disease researchers are increasingly using rare, ex vivo, and genetically engineered cells to build better disease models. Limitations in the quantities of these cells that they can produce, however, restrict these researchers in the types of cellular assays they can perform.

The XF HS Mini is the latest addition to Agilent’s range of Seahorse XF platforms, which analyze mitochondrial respiration, glycolysis, and ATP production in live cells, in real-time. These metabolic measurements enable researchers to better understand cell health, function, and signaling.

The highly sensitive XF HS Mini analyzer offers improved performance and precision, requiring fewer cells per well, an improved more consistent suspension cell workflow, and streamlined analytics. These improvements enable researchers to confidently generate XF data from quantity limited or low respiring cell types, such as immune cells, where measurements were previously not possible.

“Our cells are highly manipulated immune cells which are short-lived, costly, and labor-intensive to generate. Obtaining higher-sensitivity with fewer cell numbers is the ‘make or break’ that enables us to use Agilent’s Seahorse XF technology in our disease model,” stated Katja Weinacht, M.D., Ph.D., assistant professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Stem Cell Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine at Stanford University.

“As our customers strive to unlock biology in more complex and specialized in vivo settings, the need to interrogate rarer cell populations has become evident,” stated David Ferrick, Ph.D., senior director of Agilent’s Cell Analysis Division. “The improved sensitivity and precision of the XF HS Mini will open up this new world of metabolic analysis for these customers.”

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