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Agilent Expands Line of Innovative Flow Cytometers with the NovoCyte Penteon

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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the launch of the Agilent NovoCyte Penteon, a sensitive flow cytometer with five lasers and up to 30 fluorescence channels. The NovoCyte Penteon provides excellent sensitivity, resolution, speed, and flexibility. It has a large dynamic range of 7.2 log, along with fully automated compensation features, enabling users to pick up both dim and bright signals in the same run.

“The NovoCyte Penteon provides expanded capabilities of UV laser excitation that accommodate multicolor flow cytometry assays which are becoming increasingly sophisticated,” stated Xiaobo Wang, Ph.D., who joined Agilent from ACEA, as general manager of the Flow Cytometry and Real-Time Cell Analysis Business. “The NovoCyte Penteon is continuing the NovoCyte legacy of great cytometry performance matched with intuitiveness and simplicity of user experience.”

“NovoCyte Penteon is expanding Agilent’s offering of advanced flow cytometer instrumentation,” stated Todd Christian, vice president, and general manager of Agilent’s Cell Analysis Division. “Agilent is committed to continuing our innovation for trusted cell analysis solutions, to support scientists of the world in their endeavor of scientific and therapeutic discovery for advancing the human condition.”

The resolution easily discerns particles in the range of 100 nanometers, and the precision fluidics are considered to be among the best on the market. Coupled with the power of the highly intuitive NovoExpress software package, the system can be fully automated and is easy to use, providing an exceptional user experience in data acquisition, analysis, and reporting.

The product line is an innovative breakthrough in flow cytometry. It capitalizes on the global success of the Agilent line of flow cytometers, including the NovoCyte, the NovoCyte Quanteon, and the NovoCyte Advanteon.

Flow cytometry technology is integral to basic research, drug discovery, and clinical diagnostics. Currently, a major trend in flow cytometry is to measure more parameters simultaneously, especially useful in monitoring for certain blood disorders and in the field of immuno-oncology.

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