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Ahnsoft Joins Hands With IBM, PWC, and the Technology Credit Guarantee Fund of South Korea to Spark a New Stage of Growth for Social Media and Digital Advertising

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Ahnsoft Co., Ltd (“Ahnsoft”), the South Korean software development group, together with IBM and PWC, and in light of funding approval by the Korean Government’s Technology Credit Guarantee Fund, announces the launch of Showprise, a video-centric social media platform utilizing a call content networking service as a means to optimize the usage of digital space for digital advertising and social networking.

Showprise is, at its core, a subscription based vertical music video service where users can securely upload or capture their own videos, or choose from a variety of music videos and user curated content to use as ringtones. Simply put, the caller’s uniquely selected video ringtone plays on the screen of the person receiving the call as part of the caller alert. By utilizing the most successful elements of social media and targeting the most ubiquitous form of communication, Showprise offers the tools for users to not only express themselves, but also create and expand business opportunities.

An Tae Young, CEO of Showprise, states that, “The average person makes around 8 calls a day and each time a phone call is made presents an opportunity for exposure to meaningful content. Digital space surrounding phone calls is, to put it lightly, severely underutilized. Through Showprise, the moments that we take for granted suddenly become valuable resources.”

Today’s businesses are looking for more sophisticated and effective ad targeting systems and the solution is to maximize the usage of digital space. With the power of big data and the latest blockchain security, Showprise offers an ad targeting platform that can serve the needs of modern businesses whilst preserving user privacy.

“One of Showprises’s greatest assets is scalability,” An Reports. “We bring together decades of global industry expertise and believe that we are treading new waters in social media. Our service can be extended to nearly any imaginable point of person-to-person interaction, growing within the gaps of digital space.”

Currently, Showprise is undergoing its final stages of development with the final launch date to be announced shortly. To learn more, visit