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AI Hardware Summit: Agenda released for Silicon Valley’s Must Attend Event, Featuring All-Star Hardware Luminary Speaker Line-up

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A year further into the nascent AI chip industry, the AI
Hardware Summit
returns to the Computer History Museum in Mt. View,
September 17-18. Last year’s event was the first time that the AI chip
industry had come together, and the show witnessed the world premiere of
Habana Labs, alongside visionary presentations from hardware innovators
working on silicon and systems for processing deep learning, neural
networks and computer vision.

This year’s event
will feature an opening luminary keynote from John L. Hennessy,
Chairman of Alphabet, Inc.
and Turing Award laureate, titled ‘The
End of Moore’s Law, CPUs (as we know them), and the Rise of Domain
Specific Architectures.’ Additionally, the summit guarantees key
announcements defining the next 12 months of the AI Hardware industry.

Over 500 attendees are expected with over 150 already registered. Topics
to be covered include; whole stack optimization of AI, architectural
innovations in AI hardware, deployment of new AI hardware in server and
client computing and the impact of AI on storage, memory and networking.

A marked difference from last year is the increased focus on the ‘end
users’ of AI chips, with enterprises such as; Microsoft, Facebook, Dell,
IBM, Panasonic, Medallia and a host of autonomous vehicle companies
presenting on their AI hardware deployments and requirements.

A limited number of press and media passes are available.

“Two overarching efforts are indispensable in this AI chip
development frenzy: objectively evaluating and comparing different chips
(benchmarking), and reliably projecting the growth paths of AI chips
(road mapping).”
White Paper on AI Chip Technologies: Tsing Hua
University & Beijing Innovation Center for Future Chips, December 2018.