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AirSend Launches Desktop Apps and Public Channels to Support Boom in Remote Work

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AirSend, the contextual remote work and communication platform, has added new features that allow simple collaboration with clients, customers, team members and partners.

AirSend’s private collaboration channels already combine the best of chat, email, to-do lists and file sharing into a single screen, making it an ideal tool for professionals and teams to share their work.

Previously available as a mobile app and web-based tool, AirSend now offers downloadable apps for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) for a convenient desktop experience.

“We’ve found that even though people are working from home more, they still need ways to interact and collaborate with others to get work done,” said Madhan Kanagavel, Founder and CEO of CodeLathe, the company that created AirSend. “AirSend puts everything remote users need all in one place.”

The built-in wiki feature has expanded into a fully functional, portable notebook app. That way, users can create multiple notes for collaboration and create folders to find that information more easily. The wiki also is now editable on both the Android and iOS apps.

Perhaps the most distinctive new features are the public channels, which allow people to meet others that share interests or ask professionals questions about their field. Just as Microsoft and Google are now offering product support through public channels on the Discord platform, small businesses can use AirSend as an efficient way of communicating with customers.

But as opposed to the dark colors and busy UI inherent in Discord’s gaming platform, AirSend offers a cleaner and more professional look for business owners. As an example, FileCloud offers an AirSend public channel for job seekers, where applicants can ask questions and get company information.

With traditional in-person networking unavailable, AirSend creates an innovative way to bring together people with similar interests. Some of the most popular public channels include:

  • On the Money: All things related to savings, investments, asset allocation and financial markets.
  • At Home Fitness: All things related to fitness, exercise and wellness at home.

“These public channels have proven to be helpful to professionals like entrepreneurs, financial advisors and personal trainers as they conduct their business,” Kanagavel said. “We’ve seen all types of business functions—support, hiring, contact us, business inquiries and lead generation—move away from email and toward the channels.”

AirSend’s core features include the ability to integrate chat conversations, track the next steps and organize large files with up to 100 GB free storage. This eliminates the need for managing individual email folders, separate client Slack channels and independent cloud storage apps. Each channel has all of the tools needed to get work done so that users aren’t switching between separate email, chat and to-do apps.

Sharing has become easier than ever, as iOS app users can now share links directly from their web browser into AirSend channels. And those on the receiving end of the message don’t need an AirSend account. They can receive, reply and view files directly from their email inbox.

Get AirSend now at or in the Apple or Google app store.

About AirSend

AirSend is a communication platform that brings all your conversations, files, tasks and notes into one contextual workspace to get work done faster and better. AirSend is developed by CodeLathe Inc., a remote-first company. AirSend is targeted at professional firms, teams and SMBs to offer powerful collaboration, communication and work-sharing between team members and clients. The company offers two products, FileCloud—an award-winning enterprise file services platform and AirSend—the world’s first-ever contextual workspace built for remote work, used by millions of customers around the world. For more information, visit