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Alaska Communications Secures Spectrum in Support of Fixed Wireless Broadband Deployment

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Alaska Communications (NASDAQ: ALSK), has secured spectrum through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) auction for licenses in the shared Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. The CBRS spectrum is used in fixed wireless applications. Fixed wireless delivers high-speed, reliable and secure broadband with speeds up to 250 Mbps.

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Alaska Communications services a fixed wireless tower on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. (Photo: Business Wire)

Alaska Communications services a fixed wireless tower on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Securing spectrum in communities ranging from southeast Alaska to the North Slope is an important milestone in our fixed wireless network expansion plan. The licenses we secured ensure uninterrupted availability of the CBRS spectrum for future customers and allows us to bring high speed, unlimited internet to communities across Alaska,” said Diedre Williams, senior vice president, operations.

CBRS spectrum works well in areas where customers are geographically spread out and with lower population densities, which is found throughout many Alaska communities. Due to the high speed associated with this spectrum, it is a preferred spectrum for fixed wireless.

“We’re proud to invest in our network to bring high-speed, reliable, secure broadband to more Alaskans. We understand access to high-speed, reliable internet is more important than ever before and is critical for education, healthcare, government services, economic development and quality of life, especially as we navigate the global COVID-19 pandemic, and Alaska Communications is committed to delivering this throughout Alaska,” said Bill Bishop, Alaska Communications president and CEO.

“This spectrum will benefit Alaskans across our state. We thank the FCC for its work and congratulate them on another successful auction,” said Bishop.

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