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Albania’s Largest Video Service Provider TiBO Deploys Verimatrix Multi-DRM For Cloud-based Digital Rights Management

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Verimatrix, (Paris:VMX) (Euronext Paris: VMX), formerly known as Inside Secure, a global provider of innovative, customer-friendly cybersecurity solutions that protect video content, endpoint devices, software and applications, today announced that Albania’s largest IPTV and OTT service provider TiBO has deployed Verimatrix Multi-DRM via the Verimatrix Secure Cloud to protect premium content that extends beyond traditional television.

Using a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, the Verimatrix Multi-DRM solution offers TiBO a convenient and cost-effective alternative to on-premise systems and operations. It is further supported by a vast range of pre-integrations with leading ecosystem partners, including Magoware, which was another key motivator for TiBO’s deployment.

“Because video content offered in Albanian language is highly sought after by pirates, it is more challenging to receive approval from studios to distribute their content in the region without a strong reputation for keeping content protected,” said Adnand Mahmuti, CEO at TiBO. “Verimatrix is able to offer us the complete package – the DRM capabilities we need, delivered via a simple and secure cloud infrastructure, underscored by its proven ability to maximize revenue for video service providers in Albania and across the world.”

Facing a high volume of illegal distribution in the region, TiBO originally enlisted Verimatrix to optimize revenue security for its OTT service, but by choosing a cloud-based security infrastructure, it was also able to unlock several added benefits. Deploying Verimatrix Multi-DRM via Verimatrix’s cloud-based infrastructure has enabled TiBO to reduce the complexity of its operations, while the SaaS business model minimizes CAPEX. Costs and complexities are further reduced by a simple HLS-only streaming format which allows content to be encoded and encrypted just once.

“This cloud-based Verimatrix Multi-DRM deployment truly checks all of the boxes for TiBO with simplicity at the core,” said Verimatrix Chief Operating Officer Asaf Ashkenazi. “Because the security framework will adapt to studio-required changes in security regime, TiBO – and the studios issuing premium content – can rest assured they will always be a step ahead of pirates.”

Verimatrix Multi-DRM offers a comprehensive, multi-screen and multi-DRM solution for premium content security and monetization with several value-add options. The deployment has laid the groundwork for TiBO to extend OTT distribution to SmartTVs, as well as tap into watermarking and analytic capabilities.

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About TiBO

TiBO is the largest Albanian IPTV/OTT platform distributing prime video content for Albanian audiences worldwide. TiBO collaborates with the largest Content providers to offer Albanian TV shows, Movies, News, and live sport. Starting with investing simply in better connectivity TiBO has leveled up the audience’s demand. The innovation brought by the OTT content solution to Albanian citizens simultaneously freed ex-pats from geographic restrictions and broadcast schedules, and fundamentally transformed the way video is consumed.

With Global ecosystem leaders on the side, TiBO continuously invests in new technologies that improve and secure content distribution. TiBO is highly engaged to protect the content by delivering qualitative and secured entertainment in all playout devices for big and small screens (STB-s, Smart TV-s; Mobiles and tablets). For the end-user, it’s all fairly seamless and indistinguishable but beneath the technology, there is a range of business models that inevitably bring to another level not only the television experience but the entire industry. What TiBO has ignited already is an irreversible shift to content distribution via OTT which pushes further than ever the boundaries, to enable new types of applications and services across the industry.

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About Verimatrix

Verimatrix (Euronext Paris: VMX), formerly known as Inside Secure, is a trusted business partner providing software security and business intelligence solutions that protect content, applications, and devices across multiple markets. Many of the world’s largest service providers and leading innovators trust Verimatrix to protect systems that people depend on every day. With more than 20 years of experience and the top minds in the industry, the company is uniquely positioned to understand and proactively anticipate security and business challenges for customers. Verimatrix partners provide innovative, customer-friendly solutions that are cost-effective, easy to deploy and supported with responsive customer service teams based worldwide. To learn more, visit