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AlertEnterprise Launches Airport Guardian FBI Rap Back Integration

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AlertEnterprise Inc., the leading physical-logical security convergence software company, today announced that it has successfully integrated its Airport Guardian software with the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Record of Arrest and Prosecution Background (Rap Back) service.

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New Airport Guardian software FBI Rap Back integration helps airports reduce vulnerability and risk during personnel selection and accreditation processes. (Photo: Business Wire)

New Airport Guardian software FBI Rap Back integration helps airports reduce vulnerability and risk during personnel selection and accreditation processes. (Photo: Business Wire)

By integrating the Rap Back service, Airport Guardian software is designed to help airports significantly reduce vulnerability and risk in vetting the security backgrounds of job applicants and employees. The integration delivers real-time and continuous criminal history record checks (CHRC) during personnel selection and accreditation, improving data integrity, the efficiency of credentialing operations and reducing costs.

From hire to retire, Airport Guardian software centralizes and automates the airport employment lifecycle, including CHRC subscription and maintenance, proactively enforcing compliance through built-in regulatory controls. With the ability to leverage one CHRC subscription across multiple airport employment opportunities, the integration streamlines the application and enrollment process, enhancing the workforce and placement experience.

“With Rap Back mandated for all U.S. Airports, we’re excited to see this new integration included as part of the AlertEnterprise aviation Content Pack,” said Chris Cole, Airport Security Manager at San Antonio International Airport (SAT). “With Airport Guardian software, we are streamlining the worker background check process, while upholding the high-security standards at SAT effectively and efficiently.”

With the Rap Back service integration, airport security personnel can automatically enroll general aviation pilots, badged employees and temporary contractors for proactive security and heightened situational awareness.

“Airport Guardian software is quickly becoming a global leader in securing the aviation workforce through advanced identity management and credentialing solutions,” said Jupp Gill, AlertEnterprise Head of Aviation. “This enhancement to our out-of-the-box aviation Content Pack allows airports of all sizes to improve security, enhance the customer experience, minimize risk and proactively enforce regulatory compliance.”

The Airport Guardian software with Rap Back service integration is now available as part of the aviation compliance content pack. For more information contact sales at

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