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Alibaba Settles in New Landmark EFC!

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On September 19, the International Conference Hall of EFC (Euro America Financial City) in Hangzhou Future Sci- Technology City was crowded with celebrities. An event with the theme of “2019 EFC Star Shining Global Conference” has been solemnly held.

As the largest urban complex in Hangzhou, which is “20 years ahead of Hangzhou”, EFC is once again tied to the top 500 in the world. Alibaba, the world’s leading Internet company, and EFC signed the largest single office lease in the history of Hangzhou (over 70,000 square meters at UK Center T6 of EFC).

EFC is located at the core area of CBD in the future Sci-Technology City. As the largest city complex in Hangzhou and a high-end commercial landmark with millions of square meters on the subway, 12 LEED gold-grade certified office buildings with over 100 meters are the main part. The tallest twin towers are 46 stories and up to 220 meters, and one towering building is in the clouds, which highlights the luxury style of the financial city.

The Central Art Park with 15,000 square meters and EFC LIVE with 90,000 square meters large-scale commercial have created 8 hours work, 8 hours life and also 8 hours entertainment; Marriott Executive Apartment has made all those flying executives have a warm feeling like home in the future Sci-Technology City; G5 Venture Platform dedicated to create a new financial ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship, so as to make the whole entrepreneurship world which is shaken by it.

EFC, a new world-class Internet technology landmark, will become the business card of the future technology city and even the cover of Hangzhou!