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All-new Virtual Music Lounge Turntable Adds Amanda Levensohn as Creative Director

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The all-new virtual music lounge Turntable, set to launch in beta April 2021, today announced the addition of Amanda Levensohn as Creative Director. Levensohn comes with an extraordinary set of knowledge from her time producing at Twitch, Brud (the studio behind virtual influencer Lil Miquela) and National Geographic Channel.

Levensohn is a creative leader, producer and digital content strategist. She is passionate about media, human behavior and where they intersect. She has six years of production and social media experience, having developed and produced tentpole and social content for major media brands including National Geographic, Twitch and Brud. She applies her strong academic background to her research, having earned her master’s degree in Social Science from The University of Chicago.

“After an amazing year and a half at Twitch, I’m excited to begin my next adventure as creative director at Turntable,” said Levensohn. “This extraordinary opportunity allows me to combine my love for music, creative strategy, original content and working with artists.”

Levensohn will join quiet cofounding team member of the original Turntable in 2011 and current CEO of the all-new Turntable Joseph Perla as well as team members Theo Browne (formerly with Twitch), Yuval Malichi and others with experience from the original 2011 Turntable, GitHub, TikTok, Flipagram and more.

“I am thrilled with the extremely talented team that is coming together to create this all-new Turntable,” said Perla. “The encouragement from former Turntable fans continues to motivate us as we get closer to the launch!”

Turntable is a music-focused social network designed for music discovery, community-building and emerging DJs to have fun, promote new music and share live music experiences. Designed as a virtual clubhouse with music, a points payment system will reward DJs who play popular songs that encourage people to make their virtual avatars dance. For more information, visit or follow @turntablettfm.