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Allegion Ventures Invests in Robin – Fueling Smart Space Utilization, Productivity, People Flow

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– a $50 million corporate venture fund of Allegion
– recently invested in Robin
Powered, Inc.
, a Boston-based SaaS workplace scheduling and
management platform that is modernizing the open office.

Robin’s workplace experience platform lives at the intersection between
people and space. Its software manages the daily office workflow –
including visitors, rooms, desks and office services/providers – as well
as gives companies insight into what their teams need from the office.
Its apps, which include functionality for scheduling, seating charts and
mapping the workplace, are an important value proposition for customers
and people who use the space.

Allegion Ventures President Rob Martens noted that Robin’s platform can
influence seamless access and people flow, helping ensure that the right
people are in the right place at the right time. This fits with Allegion
Ventures’ thesis – to invest in early-stage companies that are going
beyond traditional approaches to make security and access smarter,
stronger, faster and less intrusive.

“Robin’s platform promotes productivity and smart space utilization by
empowering employees to choose their ideal work environments throughout
the day, be it conference rooms, offices, standing desks, common spaces
or other areas,” Martens said. “As the benefits of the IoT are realized
in our homes, it becomes expected that our places of work will also
become flexible spaces that offer more conveniences and a higher quality
of life for employees. As a strategic investor, Allegion Ventures can
help Robin grow through our insights and expertise in secure seamless
access and people flow.”

Allegion has a track record of investing in companies that are poised
for growth, like Conneqtech, Nuki and Yonomi. Robin joins voice security
innovator Pindrop
in the Allegion
Ventures portfolio
that expands on that track record.

“Workplaces today are all about movement,” said Robin CEO Sam Dunn. “We
help employees find the best spots to work, all throughout their day.
The goal is to make navigating the office as friction-less as possible –
this strategic investment enables us to learn from Allegion Ventures and
continue to help people move between the places where they work.”

Allegion Ventures was launched in 2018 to accelerate the growth of
innovative technologies and products. Its investment is part of a $20
million Series B funding round for Robin.

About Allegion Ventures

Allegion Ventures is the corporate venture fund of Allegion. It invests
in and accelerates the growth of companies with innovative technologies
and products that have the potential to make security and access
smarter, stronger, faster and less intrusive. For more information,
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About Robin

Robin modernizes the open office with workplace experience software that
delivers the flexibility employees want and the insights companies need.
We help employees secure the ideal space and resources for whatever
project they’re working on at any given time while equipping workplace
leaders with the insights they need to continually optimize the workday.
The solution to the open office isn’t more walls. It’s activity-based