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Alta Star Software Awarded Patent for Automating Document Markup

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Alta Star Software, developer of Alta Star Forms Online, announces the award of a second patent for its flagship MarkupMaster® document markup technology. MarkupMaster® is a completely new and automated method of marking up changes to digital documents, especially useful for marking up offers and counteroffers that use electronic signatures. The method is so easy to use that there will be no more paper counteroffers to an esign session. The time-consuming need to scan, upload and initiate a new signing session following a paper counteroffer is eliminated by using a faster, more robust, and more intuitive markup solution.

Significantly, the original content is not obscured or reformatted. The appearance and integrity of the original document are preserved and changes are quickly and easily identified. The marked-up document, ready for signatures, may be displayed and printed in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get (or WYSIWYG) fashion, and a “submit counteroffer” button may automatically be presented to the signer.

To mark up a replacement of text, a MarkupMaster® user need only select the target text and enter new text as a replacement. To insert without replacement, the user can simply enter text and tap an insertion point. It’s that simple, and the markup is automatically generated without manually positioning text or typographical elements. The added text, along with a graphical connection to an insertion point, is added to a margin or other empty space in the document. MarkupMaster® can also easily create boxes for initials and other types of markup including illustrations, images, and more.

“In keeping with our user-friendly approach, MarkupMaster® is almost effortless,” said Alta Star CEO Gary Siegel. “MarkupMaster® enables a user to make a quick, professional edit to a document with the changes clearly labeled for subsequent review, transmittal, printing, etc. Put plainly, MarkupMaster® dramatically speeds up the revision process, so agreements can be drafted, revised and executed with heretofore unseen speed and simplicity. MarkupMaster® technology may be used for multiple purposes, including to mark up documents that are to be signed electronically or printed and signed manually.”

Siegel invented MarkupMaster® in response to customer demand for a faster and easier way to modify and execute an agreement. At present there are no word processors, text editors or electronic signature systems enabling documents to be marked up easily in a useful, clear and graphical way like the MarkupMaster® method. According to Siegel, while companies like Adobe, Docusign, Microsoft, Google, HelloSign, zipLogix, Dotloop, PandaDoc and Zoho Sign may offer markup or counteroffer functions, none have the automation and ease-of-use of MarkupMaster® technology.

View MarkupMaster® Demo. US Patent Nos. 8,700,984 and 10,255,256; Patent Pending No. 16,372,332.

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