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Alyce Teams Up with Two Boston Nonprofits to Bring Socially-Conscious Door Opener to B2B Sales and Marketing

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Alyce Inc. (“Alyce”), the Boston startup that’s redefining direct mail
and swag, today announced that it has partnered with two local
nonprofits, Artists
For Humanity (AFH)
and ArtLifting,
to bring original art prints from under-resourced Boston teens and
artists who are homeless or have disabilities, to its Gallery Edition
gift invitation. The partnership offers AFH and ArtLifting artists
national exposure for their artwork while giving marketing and sales
teams on the Alyce platform the ability to delight prospects and
customers while also giving back.

Alyce gives sales reps the ability to break through the noise and engage
with their prospects in a real and meaningful way through gifting—and
allows marketing to report on the performance of their direct mail
efforts. The Gallery Edition of Alyce’s physical gift invitation will
feature a high-quality print of an original artwork from an AFH or
ArtLifting artist inlaid in the box top and the story of the artist
contained within.

“Both Artists For Humanity and ArtLifting are doing incredibly
important, impactful work and we are honored to help further their
missions with these partnerships,” said Greg Segall, founder and CEO of
Alyce. “We’re also thrilled to be able to facilitate more giving back on
behalf of marketers and sales reps, and through our exclusive agreement
with ArtLifting, offer the only socially-conscious door opener in B2B
marketing with the Gallery Edition.”

ArtLifting empowers artists living with homelessness or disabilities
through the celebration and sale of their artwork. ArtLifting offers its
artists the chance to secure their own income through the sale of
original paintings, prints, and products. Every artist earns 55 percent
of the profit from each sale; another one percent goes toward
strengthening art programming at social service agencies, shelters, and
disability centers. ArtLifting has impacted artists in 21 states and
customers in 46 states and 5 continents.

“Our goal is to increase opportunity for our amazing artists who are
homeless and have disabilities. We constantly think about how we can
help artists earn endless amounts of money from each artwork they
create. We are excited to have Alyce’s team sell our artists’ work with
this innovative new product,” said Liz Powers, ArtLifting’s Co-Founder
and Chief Happiness Spreader.

Artists For Humanity (AFH) employs enterprising teens from Boston
neighborhoods to work in collaboration with its professional art and
design mentors. Its pioneering social enterprise produces innovative
multimedia projects commissioned by businesses and individuals across
Boston and beyond. With one of the largest collections of youth-created
works in the country, AFH became a perfect partner for Alyce, who now
features AFH art on its Gallery Edition gift invitations and hired AFH
for other exciting projects as well. Learn more at

“Watching the teens go above and beyond to design boxes and graphics for
Alyce and witnessing their level of engagement with the commission was
truly inspiring. We’re thrilled to work with a company that embeds
social equity into their business practices,” said founding Executive
and Artistic Director Susan Rodgerson.

The Alyce model is all about building real, human relationships through
giving gifts people actually want and making it all about their
interests. This includes eye-catching door openers like the Gallery
Edition box with original artwork prints which contains within an
invitation to accept, exchange or donate the selected gift. More than 10
percent of Alyce’s redeemed gifts are donated to a charity of the
recipient’s choice.

The Gallery Edition gift invitation boxes are now available for
customers using the Alyce platform.

Alyce is the AI-powered platform that’s
redefining direct mail, swag and gifts with its scalable, sustainable,
hyper-personalized approach to account-based marketing. Alyce builds
real, human relationships that deliver up to twice the named account
penetration versus traditional approaches. Founded in December of 2015,
Alyce is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA. Learn
more at