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Amadis Delivers Accelerated EMV Migration Solution for Petroleum and C-Stores, with AMP and TXECSS

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Amadis, a provider of universal payment software solutions, today announced a simplified EMV migration solution for Petroleum and C-Stores. Amadis, together with AMP (Advanced Mobile Payment Inc.) and TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services), presented the pre-certified payment solution, which includes a first-to-market proprietary Android contactless pay-at-the-pump solution, making it easier for fuel merchants to EMV-enable their fuel dispensers in an unattended payment environment, while complying with the 2021 liability shift deadline in the U.S. Migrations can now be completed in a matter of days, rather than months, while the POS and gas stations remain online and operational.

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Pay-at-the-pump with first to market, locked-down Android solution-EMV readiness for Petro and C-Store made easy (Graphic: Business Wire)

Pay-at-the-pump with first to market, locked-down Android solution-EMV readiness for Petro and C-Store made easy (Graphic: Business Wire)

Amadis together with AMP and Texas Engineering provide a pre-certified, all-inclusive, EMV migration solution. Amadis provides the payment software, while AMP provides its rugged AMP 6500 smart payment terminal, and TXECSS integrates the components into the POS. The solution mitigates complexity, while eliminating a number of technical barriers and costs that merchants typically must deal with when migrating to EMV.

The solution decouples the fuel pump dispenser from the POS, enabling payment authorizations to take place at each individual pump, instead of being processed on a legacy POS system. This decentralized approach results in a faster, more reliable migration process, with only minor changes at the POS, and with minimal impact at the fuel dispenser.

“We’ve reduced the cost to migrate to EMV, and made it exceptionally easy for U.S. based Petroleum and C-Stores to comply with the looming fraud liability shift deadline,” said Bohdan Myroniw, Chief Strategic Officer at Amadis. “Migrating to EMV enables fuel retailers to accept safer, more secure contactless payments, while taking concrete steps to combat fraud. In addition, we provide merchants with the choice to personalize individual pumps with customized loyalty and promotional offers.”

The fuel retail industry is projected to suffer $451 million in counterfeit fraud at the AFDs (automatic fuel dispensers) in 2020, according to non-profit firm, Conexxus. Starting in April 2021, the responsibility for fraudulent transactions will shift to fuel retailers that have not upgraded their dispensers to EMV.

“Together, with our partners, Amadis and TXECSS we’ve streamlined the EMV migration process for fuel merchants,” said Rob Downton, Vice President Sales, North America at AMP. “Our experienced delivery team eliminates the need for merchants to hire trained payment professionals, or deal with complex technical issues. We manage the entire EMV process from end-to-end, so merchants can stay focused on their core businesses and operations.”

“We minimize impact at the fuel dispenser,” said Dr. Howard Dockery, Principal at TXECSS. “We are excited to partner with Amadis and AMP, to help deliver the fastest, most cost-effective EMV solution in the industry.”

The original deadline for this change in liability was set for October 2020, but was extended by card brands during the early weeks of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

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Advanced Mobile Payment Inc. (AMP) is a global provider of complete payment solutions and POS products built around usability, security, and smart integration options. Equipped with the latest certifications and able to integrate with any platform, AMP delivers tools designed to keep transactions secure and improve the payment experience. Their focus is working with partners to develop targeted solutions that deliver maximum value to the end user, aiming to empower others with their tools, rather than box them in with inflexible off-the-shelf products. From creating smart payment devices to designing entire solutions, AMP work collaboratively to solve customer’s unique payment challenges.

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About TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services)

TXECSS (Texas Engineering Consulting Systems and Services) established to address the need for EMV payment processing systems in the Petroleum and C-Store space. Focused on the United States regulations, we are passionate about the Convenience Store Industry, and have collective experience of over 280 years in fueling and C-Stores.