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Amadis Leverages Nexo Standards to Simplify Global Payment Acceptance

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Amadis, a payment software and consulting services provider, today announced a streamlined path for North American and international merchants to migrate to the nexo global payment standard, the most comprehensive set of global payment acceptance protocols on the market today. By integrating nexo’s messaging protocols, standards and specifications into its Arkos universal payments acceptance software, Amadis provides “plug-and-play” universal payment software that enables customers to quickly accept new payment types, independent of equipment, technology or geography.

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Amadis targets interoperability in global payments :a forefront concern for today's evolving payments space. (Photo: Business Wire)

Amadis targets interoperability in global payments :a forefront concern for today’s evolving payments space. (Photo: Business Wire)

Amadis has helped a diverse range of banking, retail and transport customers deploy nexo-based applications, enabling customers to future-proof their payment systems, while lowering development time and accelerating time to market. With Amadis’ Arkos product, an EMV middleware that manages all the card acceptance processing, customers can rapidly migrate to nexo and vastly reduce their custom development requirements, enabling companies to substantially reduce time to market, risks and costs for each unique payment solution implementation. Arkos can manage any type of equipment (standalone, PINPads, unattended, mobile) and devices while:

  • Integrating US processing rules (debit network selection; low value payments)
  • Providing central management and reporting
  • Meeting M-TIP, ADVT Pre-certified EMV requirements

“By editing the Amadis Arkos software using nexo protocols, we ensure our clients have the same common interoperable interface and protocol across the globe that breeds innovation at the point of contact,” said Emmanuel Haydont, CEO, and co-founder of Amadis. “By using nexo protocols, we help our customers drastically reduce time to market and cost of ownership, while enabling them to free themselves from unnecessary technical dependencies and provide a pathway that better future-proofs merchants as payments continue to evolve.”

nexo standards is the international association enabling global interoperability in payment acceptance. Its membership is expanding rapidly across continents, with members from several countries including the United States, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, and Saudi Arabia, further cementing the global interest in its standards and its truly international reach.

Unlike proprietary solutions that lock companies into using proprietary host interfaces, terminal management systems (TMS), platforms or operating in a certain geography, nexo is an open standard that guarantees multiple interoperabilities: cross border, platform, host, market segment and others. nexo standards enables companies to innovate on top of its specifications and protocols, removing both the significant complexity from the technical integration as well as the implementation challenges companies face as they expand acceptance of new payment types from devices in new markets. The nexo association provides open standards and protocols that guarantee cross-border interoperability.

“Market demand for nexo standards is higher than ever before. In response, active members such as Amadis are making significant progress in their deployment and adoption strategies,” comments Jacques Soussana, Secretary-General at nexo standards. “With the combination of our specifications, protocols, implementation guidelines, collaborative working groups, and testing and certification support, we are providing members with the tools to build and validate their solutions, fast-tracking their path to deployment. The global adoption of nexo standards is fast becoming a reality.”

Amadis’ global customers require payment acceptance solutions that are secure and ensure optimized operations, while allowing for best management of future-proofing needs in the near and long-term. nexo standards is the international association enabling global interoperability in payment acceptance. With the recent global stresses the economy and industries have faced, it has become imperative that solution providers seek out standards such as nexo that allow businesses to operate more efficiently and expand globally.

*EMV ® is a registered trademark in the U.S. and other countries and an unregistered trademark elsewhere. The EMV trademark is owned by EMVCo, LLC

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