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AMERGINT Collaborates with Microsoft on Microsoft Azure Orbital Satellite Ground Station Service

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AMERGINT Technologies announced it is working with Microsoft on their new Microsoft Azure Orbital, a new cloud service for connecting users to their satellites.

AMERGINT is supporting Azure Orbital as both an Azure Marketplace application publisher and an infrastructure OEM supplier. AMERGINT is delivering digitizers and data transport appliances that enable the collection, network transport, and processing of digitized IF satellite signals used by earth observation and communication satellites. In the Cloud, AMERGINT’s satTRAC® software, high-rate modulators and demodulators and tailored solutions receive, transform, decrypt, and connect users to the satellite data they need to accomplish their missions. AMERGINT brings over a decade of proven virtualized software modem technologies to Azure Orbital to ensure that customers are provided a reliable and trusted means to access their data from Azure and Azure Orbital.

“We are thrilled to support Microsoft in the buildout of Microsoft Azure Orbital,” says Matt Prechtel, Business Area Manager for Cloud Products and Solutions. “From our position as a leader in satellite ground processing, we believe that the future of satellite ground is intertwined with the Cloud and this growing market segment. The Cloud enables scalability, resilience, and most importantly, acceleration to on orbit operations beyond anything we’ve ever seen to date. We can’t wait to see what customers do with it.”

Jeff Cohen, Partner Program Manager for Azure Networking at Microsoft WAN, Edge, Space said, “AMERGINT’s engineering depth and products have helped Microsoft bring Azure Orbital to the market as a premier Azure service offering. We look forward to the continued collaboration with AMERGINT.”

Azure Orbital is a managed service that offers end-to-end satellite ground services through the Azure public cloud platform. This novel approach enables users to connect to the service through suites of managed applications that are, in turn, connected to the Azure Orbital service offering infrastructure. Azure Orbital includes both Microsoft-owned antennas sites as well as access to a larger federated network of partner sites for true global connectivity.

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