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Amerisure Exceeds 90% Customer Response Rate with Zipwhip Cloud-based Business Texting

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Zipwhip, the inventor of Texting for Business™, today announced that Amerisure, an A rated property and casualty insurance company, has successfully deployed Zipwhip’s cloud-based texting platform to improve adjusters’ communications with claimants. Within months of going live with the claimant texting platform, Amerisure exchanged more than 20,000 texts and experienced customer response rates exceeding 90%.

“We decided to add texting as part of our broader digital strategy to improve efficiency and service for agents, policyholders and claimants,” said Jim Suchara, Vice President of Innovation, Amerisure. “Not only was Zipwhip straightforward to roll out nationally, it offered a powerful, easy-to-use SaaS business texting platform for driving high levels of engagement. The response rates have just been phenomenal when compared to other forms of communications our customers use.”

The project leveraged Zipwhip’s SaaS-based texting platform that enables agents to have two-way SMS or MMS text conversations with customers using their existing landline phone numbers. This allows the company to promote that customers can “text or call” their business phone numbers while protecting its claims adjusters’ privacy by not requiring them to use personal or company-supplied mobile phones.

Claimants can send photos of damage via text to initiate the claims process, reducing the lengthy back-and-forth typically experienced when using fax or email. Adjustors are also able to handle multiple conversations with claimants at once using texting, which helps them be more productive and further reduces lag times.

From a technical standpoint, it was also essential that the system could scale. The Amerisure team thoroughly vetted Zipwhip’s technical architecture, product roadmap and security to ensure it would meet its stringent requirements.

Since launch, the company’s claims adjusters have reported customers respond more quickly and consistently to texts than phone calls, voicemails or emails. This matches the experience of Zipwhip’s other insurance customers, who report that after implementing texting their claims cycles process 20% faster and claimants are more engaged – some carriers have seen NPS scores improve by 10%.

Zipwhip’s research supports these results: According to its 2020 State of Texting report, 61% of businesses surveyed said they play phone tag somewhat to very often with customers, and another recent Zipwhip report found that 48% of consumers have 50 or more unread emails sitting in their inbox. In the insurance business, slow or no response can cause delays processing claims.

On the other hand, Zipwhip also found that 83% of consumers reply to texts from businesses within 30 minutes or less, unmatched by other forms of engagement. With its claimant texting platform, Amerisure has experienced faster referrals, easier sharing of information and reduced claims cycle times.

“We’ve seen how texts can vastly improve customer and team communication, and the Amerisure story is an excellent example of this,” said Brendan Moore, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at Zipwhip. “Credit goes to the entire cross-functional Amerisure team that led this initiative for their foresight and creativity in applying business texting to achieve their goals to improve efficiency and service. It has been a rewarding collaboration.”

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