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An Industrial Packaging Market Client Realizes Substantial Savings on Operational Cost with Market Intelligence Solutions | Infiniti’s Recent Successful Client Engagement

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Over the last 16+ years, Infiniti’s experts have offered market intelligence solutions across 50+ industries and transformed many companies with data-driven insights. In the industrial packaging market, various industries, including food and beverage, construction, oil and gas, and consumer electronics, are influencing growth. This has further created new opportunities for companies and brought about new challenges. Therefore, industrial packaging market players must stay a step ahead, identify opportunities and challenges, and prepare for them accordingly. Infiniti’s market intelligence solutions allow for accurate identification, comprehensive evaluation, and thorough preparation in the rapidly evolving industrial packaging market.

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Market Intelligence Solutions for an Industrial Packaging Market Client: Business Challenges (Graphic: Business Wire)

Market Intelligence Solutions for an Industrial Packaging Market Client: Business Challenges (Graphic: Business Wire)

“The rising demand in various industries and rapid technological advancements and R&D across the globe are expected to drive the growth of the industrial packaging market over the coming years,” says an industrial packaging market expert at Infiniti Research.

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Business Challenge:

The client, an industrial packaging company, based out of Europe, serves the construction and heavy equipment suppliers in Europe. Various factors, such as digitalization of the workforce, cost pressure, and sustainability issues posed challenges for the industrial packaging market player. Additionally, the company’s reliance on conventional packaging techniques made it challenging to deliver products on time while maintaining quality. Consequently, the client’s existing customers were unwilling to renew deals with them. Therefore, the industrial packaging market client chose to leverage Infiniti’s expertise in offering market intelligence solutions. During the nine-week engagement, the client also sought to evaluate the capital requirement for leveraging digital processes, understand the challenges of automating processes and tackle sustainability challenges.

Our Approach:

Infiniti’s market intelligence experts developed a comprehensive six-phased approach to help the industrial packaging market client. The six phases were as follows:

  • Market opportunity analysis to analyze market trends and industry developments
  • Competitive intelligence engagement to analyze competitors’ business models and strategies
  • Customer intelligence study to understand customer needs and requirements
  • Competitive benchmarking analysis to analyze the client’s products and services in comparison to competitors
  • Demand management study to analyze factors impacting product demand
  • Technology assessment to identify cost-effective technologies leveraged by companies in the market

Business Outcome:

With Infiniti’s market intelligence solution, the industrial packaging market client capitalized on profitable opportunities, tackled the rising challenges in the market, and invested in digital technologies and automation processes. This led to shorter production time and enhanced quality of the packaging material. Additionally, the automation processes helped enhance communication between the internal and external teams. The industrial packaging market client also analyzed their competitors’ strategies and business models and was able to identify cost-effective strategies to invest in and yield profits. Further, the client understood their customers’ needs and demands and personalized their product offerings for them. The industrial packaging company also signed a profitable deal with a leading company in the heavy equipment manufacturing industry. Lastly, the client saved 66% on operational costs.

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