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Analytics Insight Announces ‘The 10 Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Companies 2020’

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Analytics Insight has announced ‘The 10 Most Innovative Big Data Analytics Companies 2020’ in its October magazine issue.

The issue recognizes ten groundbreaking companies driving exponential growth in big data analytics and boosting the ecosystem with innovative solutions. The usage of advanced analytical tools for various business processes has proliferated in 2020. Enterprises understand the potential of big data, and thus there is an increasing need for companies offering cutting-edge analytics services. Let’s look at the ten companies that made the list in 2020:

Featuring as the Cover Story is Innover, a technology & process digitization company transforming Service & Supply value chains for its customers. It provides end-to-end digital transformation solutions to drive business outcomes and build intelligent enterprises, catering to Fortune 1000 enterprises across different industries. Innover draws its strength from five service studios – Digital Experiences, Advanced Analytics, Product Engineering, Data Engineering, and Business Services.

This issue further includes:

Actify Data Labs: Actify is a data platform and machine learning company that helps organizations leverage the power of data using its data platform ADAPTify, its product suite, and its dedicated digital lab. ADAPTify is an end-to-end data platform that helps an organization navigate all the steps needed to leverage data.

CodeCoda: Founded in 2015, CodeCoda specializes in customer-centric value propositions and work ethics. The company engages in AI, Big Data, eCommerce, and advanced analysis. CodeCoda’s portfolio is a clear testament to its extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of industries.

Naveego: A leading provider of cloud-native data integration platforms with built-in data quality, data accuracy, and governance. The Naveego® Complete Data Accuracy Platform uses API connectors to connect to new data sources in minutes, and match and merge data to produce an analytics-ready stream.

SDG Group: SDG Group is a Global Data & Analytics Consulting Firm, offering in-depth expertise that empowers its clients’ strategies to encourage data-driven enterprises and bridges the gap between data and business decisions. With a global presence, the company’s mission is to transform data into better business decisions.

Semantic Web Company (SWC): SWC is a leading provider of graph-based metadata, search, and analysis solutions. SWC is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite which is one of the most complete and secure semantic middleware on the global market. PoolParty Semantic Suite enables enterprise to extract more value from data, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

SovTech: SovTech is a custom software development platform that offers complete software design and development innovation services to enterprises and startups. It serves clients across all industries with market-leading Big Data Analytics, AI, and Cloud-based technological development solutions and services.

BIMachine: BIMachine is a company that specializes in BI and Business Analytics, responsible for the largest analytics platform in Latin America. Its business analytics solutions provide insights for all company departments, providing immediate access to strategic information from organizations.

TQS Integration: TQS Integration is a global leader in providing Contextualized Real-Time Data (CRTD). The company is dedicated to capturing, contextualizing, and delivering data, and has become a leader in architecture and application design, engineering, and system integration.

FIBRES Online: FIBRES Online offers FIBRES, an intelligent web app for modern market intelligence and foresight. FIBRES is a browser-based cloud application for collaborative, continuous foresight work in major organizations and consultancies alike.

In today’s digital age, data is anointed as the new fuel. As, opportunities for utilizing big data are growing, enterprise are leveraging tools and technologies to harness their data, use insights to identify new opportunities, and make agile decisions to stay competitive.

“The selected companies are disrupting the big data analytics landscape, improving efficiency, fueling growth and development in the industry. We admire and appreciate the endeavors of all ten companies in building a data-powered economy and bolstering profitable innovation, says Priya Dialani, Senior Editor, Analytics Insight.

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