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Analytics Insight Names ‘The 10 Most Innovative RPA Companies of 2020’

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Analytics Insight Magazine, a brand of Stravium Intelligence, has announced ‘The 10 Most Innovative RPA Companies of 2020’ in its September issue.

The magazine issue recognizes ten next-generation RPA companies offering cutting-edge solutions that automate repetitive, manual and time-consuming rule-based tasks to establish a fully automated end-to-end process. These companies are helping enterprises achieve significant operational efficiency pushing the capabilities to the edge for both businesses and the economy. Here is a look at the companies that made the list:

Featuring as the Cover Story is SynLogics, an innovative technology solutions company providing a diverse range of IT consulting and services. The company focuses on bridging the gap between business goals and actuals. SynLogics offers future tech solutions such as Intelligent Automation using RPA, AI and Machine Learning, intuitive Chat Bots, customized web application, Mobile App development, Scalable cloud-native backends, and SaaS applications.

The issue features AaroRnTech as Company of the Month. AaroRnTech is an automation technology company with a vision to make automation accessible to small and medium businesses, be it Process Automation, Conversational AI or IoT. The company provides advisory, professional services, with end-to-end delivery services for managed RPA, AI Chatbots & IoT.

The issue further covers:

3Cell: The company provides professional engineering services to telecommunications. After a few successful project deliveries, 3Cell enhanced its portfolio especially for the automation solution for network tuning and optimization besides network operations.

AIwozo: Offers an Intelligent Process Automation platform designed and developed by RPA experts. With inbuilt AI and deep learning capabilities, AIwozo achieves a higher degree of automation with minimal or no technical support.

BIAMI.IO: Provides Intelligent Automation solutions to build intelligent business process-driven software, platforms and robots. The company’s mission is to increase the quality of life through automation transformations with intelligent automation solutions.

Ignite IPA: A boutique management consulting and software implementation firm that delivers high ROI and business value while supporting businesses in establishing and scaling their Intelligent Process Automation programs.

Lean Tech: The company is a nearshore services provider specialized in technology services. Lean Tech offers to hire dedicated automation engineers, besides providing assistance to develop their own automation middleware.

Roots Automation: A Digital Coworkers as a Service company offering pre-trained bots, Digital Coworkers. These bots integrate human qualities of learning by interaction, adapting to changing environments and sharing learnings with others.

Rossum: Aims to help business processes that are spending time manually typing data from a page to a computer form. The company’s end-to-end data capture solution brings massive time savings to the manual data entry processes by speeding them up 6x-10x.

ZyGen: An IT consulting firm providing solutions and implementations for global brands such as Microsoft, Google, etc. The company has its own intellectual property such as AI/ML, OCR, ChatBot, and other smart solutions.

Robotic process automation is a true game changer for boosting efficiencies and achieving cost savings across a wide range of industries. Moreover, RPA is the foundation for a broader digital transformation strategy and the next level of automation. “The selected companies are redefining operations models to achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and quality. We congratulate all the ten companies for delivering cutting-edge automation solutions to enterprises globally,” says Ashish Sukhadeve, CEO, Analytics Insight.

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