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Analytics Service Provider Quantzig Says Telecom Analytics Can Help Telcos Innovate and Digitize Operations in Response to the Crisis: Submit RFP for Insights

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Quantzig, a premier analytics solutions provider, offers insights on why telecom service providers must innovate and redesign processes to act as both digital service providers and digital enablers in the new era. With business units spread globally, Quantzig focuses on developing innovative strategies for telecom companies to help them gain key business insights and drive decision-making. A unique mix of data science capabilities and technology expertise is whats sets us apart, making us the most preferred analytics service provider globally.

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The rising awareness about the benefits of telecom analytics and the need to streamline operations are fueling the growth of the telecom analytics market. However, lack of awareness about telecom analytics and its impact on business growth amongst a certain percentage of telecom service providers is expected to curtail development efforts post the COVID era. On the contrary, the integration of new technologies such as AI and machine learning in telecom analytics is poised to provide lucrative opportunities for market growth in the COVID-19 era.

At Quantzig, we understand the challenges faced by businesses across industries, especially telecom. With a huge clientele, which ranges from CEOs to BU heads to stakeholders of Fortune 500 telecom companies, we have played an active part in improving business outcomes of telcos globally. Our expertise and domain knowledge are also reflected in the number of projects we’ve worked on and the results that have prompted businesses to engage with us on an ongoing basis, making us the most preferred analytics partner for telcos across Europe and North America.

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According to a telecom analytics expert at Quantzig, “Telecom analytics incorporates sophisticated business intelligence technologies that are designed to meet the complex requirements of telcos, enabling them to improve sales, reduce churn, and reduce operational costs.”

Quantzig offers advanced telecom analytics solutions that help telecom service providers to maintain a robust network and improve service levels across operations that generate billions of unstructured data sets and comprehensive reports on a day-to-day basis.

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