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Angler Announces the Angler FastBox: The Fastest and Easiest Softbox System for Speedlights – Sold Exclusively at B&H

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B&H is pleased to share: Angler’s revolutionary FastBox pairs the versatility of the softbox with the speed of the speedlight in a way never done before. For far too long, photographers using speedlights have had to struggle with mounting clunky softboxes to their speedlights, or dealing with complex softbox systems that came with countless pieces and required multiple purchases. Angler is changing all of that with the FastBox: a super-fast, super-easy, all-in-one softbox unit for speedlights.

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Angler FastBox - Softbox System for Speedlights (Photo: Business Wire)

Angler FastBox – Softbox System for Speedlights (Photo: Business Wire)

Angler FastBox Octagonal Softbox20”

Angler FastBox Octagonal Softbox24”

“This is far from a novel concept,” says Joshua Fischer, Director of Marketing at Gradus Group. “Softboxes and speedlights are two of the most-used photography tools, and people have been trying to pair them for decades. But the results have always been lackluster. Traditional softboxes are difficult to set up, unwieldy, and difficult to use on-the-go—definitely not ideal for any speedlight user. And while there definitely are alternatives on the market, those alternatives require multiple costly purchases to function. The FastBox changes that.”

More than just a softbox, the FastBox is an entire system that effortlessly transforms the creative options of your speedlight. First, there’s the Softbox. An octagonal softbox that provides you with that coveted soft, round-shaped beam and a natural, pleasing catchlight, the softbox has a silver interior to both amplify the output and lend a punchy edge to your lighting, and features both inner and outer baffles to optimize the softness and diffusion of your light. And on the other end of the FastBox is the Pistol Grip—allowing you to not only carry the SoftBox wherever you go and mount it to any light- or C-stand but also tilt it up and down with the squeeze of a trigger.

“Like the name suggests, the FastBox is, well, fast,” Joshua continues. “The entire system sets up in seconds, and breaks down just as easily. Speedlights got that name because they’re fast, and we wanted the FastBox to match that speed. And it does.”

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Angler’s mission statement is to create quality lighting gear for all levels and budgets. Based in NYC, their comprehensive line of monolight flashes, continuous lights, and various kits provide reliable and convenient solutions for any situation. Angler is a Gradus Group brand (

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