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Announcing MemSQL Helios: The World’s First SingleStore, System of Record Cloud Database

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MemSQL, the No-Limits DatabaseTM for operational analytics and cloud-native applications, today announced the launch of MemSQL Helios, an on-demand, elastic cloud service; and MemSQL 7.0 Beta, the most powerful version yet of the company’s distributed SQL database. Both solutions help enterprises easily ingest, process, analyze and act on data to better compete and thrive in today’s insight-driven economy.

MemSQL Helios delivers instant, effortless access to the world’s fastest, most scalable data platform for operational analytics, machine learning and AI. It is a fully managed cloud service that makes MemSQL’s best-in-class operational database available on-demand in public cloud environments around the world. It provides the same breakthrough performance and scale as the company’s distributed database platform without the customer having to take on the operational overhead and complexity of managing it.

MemSQL Helios is now available in private preview. Details below.

MemSQL 7.0 launches later this year with two new advancements: “SingleStore,” a breakthrough new way of managing data; and “system of record” features to make MemSQL a trusted platform for Tier 1 workloads.

Now available in Beta for invited users, MemSQL 7.0 SingleStore functionality differentiates MemSQL from other data solutions by reducing the pain of choosing between a rowstore or a columnstore for workloads, eliminating some of the hard tradeoffs and added complexity of typical data management. New system of record capabilities include two key durability features – incremental backup, and synchronous replication with virtually no performance penalty.

MemSQL 7.0 Beta is available for download now, and will be generally available in the cloud and for download later this year. Details below.

“With the majority of growth in the database market moving to the cloud, the time is right to release MemSQL Helios for enterprises looking for a viable alternative to legacy on-premises vendors like Oracle and SAP,” said MemSQL Co-CEO and Co-Founder Nikita Shamgunov. “And, with MemSQL 7.0, we’ve virtually eliminated the speed and scale limits that organizations have long struggled with in their operational workloads. We expect our new SingleStore functionality to make a measurable difference in the way our customers manage their data and operate their businesses.”

The need to stay competitive is creating more pressure on businesses to deliver insights and make faster decisions on increasing volumes of data. Technology teams need a mature data infrastructure that can meet a broad set of requirements, perform well at scale and fit easily with existing processes and tools. The database market, however, is fragmented and offers dozens of specialized databases that do one thing well but most other things poorly. This creates data silos within companies as they spin up one specialized database after another, burdening themselves with extra cost and complexity.

MemSQL is on a mission to change all that, and the additions of MemSQL Helios and MemSQL 7.0 represent a fully integrated, general-purpose SQL database that simplifies data infrastructure by delivering support for multiple workloads and data types. They advance what is already the fastest database in real-world conditions and the one which offers the lowest cost for performance.

“MemSQL Helios has brought our real-time decision-making to an entirely new level,” said John Toups, CTO of Medaxion, a software company improving productivity and quality for anesthesia practices. “We needed – and are now taking advantage of – MemSQL’s best-in-class speed, scale and capability, all without the headaches of installing, configuring or maintaining software. It is in large part because of functionality like one-click deployment and effortless management that we are able to make decisions based on data insights much faster than with our previous infrastructure and tools. Additionally, the automated provisioning, configuration and elastic scaling help power what I can say, with confidence, is the best analytics engine in healthcare.”

“MemSQL Helios has been a game-changer for our data workloads and analytics capabilities as we have moved them to the cloud,” said Peter Olijnyk, Director of Technology at SSIMWAVE, an Emmy® Award-winning tech company whose software mimics the human visual system, enabling it to quantify the quality of video streams as perceived by viewers. With a single Subscriber Score™, SSIMWAVE helps its customers tune quality to fit their needs. “Our business model is dependent on collecting, processing and using massive amounts of data. Now, with MemSQL Helios, we are able to focus on using our data to build breakthrough applications and analytical systems instead of expending effort on time-consuming infrastructure management and tuning. The net of this is that we move faster and make insight-driven decisions, which is making us more competitive in the marketplace.”

“MemSQL is delivering a real impact for our organization by making real-time decisions and predictive analytics easier,” said Julie Cordua, CEO of Thorn, a non-profit organization focused on building technology to combat child sexual abuse. “And, because it easily scales to support our machine learning and AI needs, MemSQL helps us continually build better tools to find victims of trafficking and sexual abuse, faster. It is a true case of technology being applied in a way that will make a real difference in people’s lives.”

How to try out and learn more about MemSQL Helios and MemSQL 7.0 Beta

MemSQL Helios is now available in private preview. Interested parties can try it now – for free and instantly – here, or can contact MemSQL to speak to a product specialist. For those interested in purchasing Helios, please request an invitation (availability is limited). Sign up for the upcoming webinar to learn more.

If interested in evaluating the MemSQL 7.0 Beta, please contact us to request access. MemSQL 7.0 will be generally available in the cloud and for download later this year.

For more details about MemSQL Helios and MemSQL 7.0 Beta, see our blog post.

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