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Announcing Motive Integrator Certify!

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Motive Retail is excited to announce the release of Motive Integrator Certify, a new approach to ensuring automotive retail’s digital future actually operates as it must to deliver seamless customer experiences. Motive Integrator has long been the leading platform for integrating automotive retail. It has enabled more than 1,000 integrations of automaker and dealer systems all over the world and is used by Ford Motor Company, BMW, Stellantis and many others.

“The rapid digitalization of automotive retail raises the bar,” said Dan Seats, co-founder of Motive Retail. “It requires more precisely integrated systems and more tightly managed integration programs. Motive Integrator Certify was created to make sure the digital future doesn’t break down.”

Certify provides the integration program governance and control required to ensure that strategic initiatives around connected car, digital retailing, and mobility succeed. As automotive retail moves online, selling and servicing cars increasingly requires tight integration of the entire automotive ecosystem across automakers, lenders, insurers, dealers, and others. When sales and customer satisfaction are at stake, there is zero fault tolerance. Certify ensures that the APIs and programs required to fuel this increasingly dynamic automotive world work.

Certify is a component of Motive Integrator, an industry platform that provides the essential tools for integrating with automotive retail’s digital future. Motive Integrator includes Certify, MIX, a robust API hub, and Motive’s Industry APIs which enable true interoperability. When you need to integrate in automotive retail, the Motive Integrator suite offers the fastest, surest path to the digital future.

For more information on the Motive Integrator suite of solutions, or on how to integrate, visit, follow Motive Retail on LinkedIn, email, or call 720.835.2704.

About Motive Retail

Motive Retail is helping to modernize automotive retail by enabling precise integration of the digital systems that sell and service cars. Its Motive Integrator suite accelerates integration and reduces the potential for compromises in interoperability that lead to customer failures. Motive Integrator makes integration fast, reliable and secure, and brings coherence to a rapidly evolving ecosystem. Any system, anytime, anywhere. For more information visit,