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Another Significant Patent Win for TQ Delta

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TQ Delta LLC, a technology development and licensing firm, secured another win as a Delaware federal jury found that 2Wire Inc., now a part of CommScope, infringed a TQ Delta patent related to Digital Subscriber Line (“DSL”) technology.

In a trial over U.S. Patent No. 7,453,881, the jury found that both asserted patent claims were infringed by 2Wire’s DSL modems practicing the G.Bond standard. The jury also rejected 2Wire’s argument that the asserted patent claims are invalid.

TQ Delta’s DSL patent portfolio is one of the industry’s largest, with more than 20 patent families, 94 U.S. patents, and more than 130 in other countries, as well as other patents pending worldwide. The company’s patents, a large number of which are essential to DSL-related standards, have been tested and upheld multiple times in the US and UK.

“We are pleased that yet another jury has confirmed the strength of our DSL portfolio,” said Abha Divine, Managing Director of TQ Delta. “This decision re-affirms the high quality, breadth, and importance of our DSL- and communications-related patents.”

At the heart of this trial was TQ Delta’s patented technology that allows multiple DSL connections to be bonded together to achieve higher data rates for a broader set of customers in a reliable, cost-effective manner. Using TQ Delta’s technology, telecommunications companies and equipment providers are able to meet increasing consumer demand for data rich content such as streaming video services via the existing telephone network while sidestepping costly investments in additional equipment.

In a prior trial in May 2019, a Delaware jury said 2Wire infringed three additional TQ Delta DSL patents, and rejected 2Wire’s invalidity challenges. Those patents covered inventions relating to sharing of DSL transceiver resources directed to critical impulse noise protection. Prior to that, the UK Court of Justice found another of TQ Delta’s patents for DSL technology valid, infringed, and essential to the VDSL2 standard.

“TQ Delta’s portfolio is the result of decades of engineering investment, and the company continues to innovate and solve important problems in the field of DSL and communications in general, said Divine. “This portfolio has a deep history and we continue to invest in development to solve current and emerging technological challenges,” said Divine.

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