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Anova Launches Global Patient Registry Study to Better Understand Clinical Trials and Patient Outcomes

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Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova), an organization dedicated to accelerating promising treatments to market with its transformative AnovaOS™ technology platform, has launched a global patient registry study for 100,000 patients with complex and/or rare disease.

The objective of the ‘AnovaOS™ Network Powered Patient Registry Study’ is to globally capture clinically meaningful, real-world data on the diagnosis, nature, course of infection, treatment(s) and outcomes in patients with complex and rare disease.

The Registry Study will also be used to study the design and conduct of clinical trials and observational studies. Results will help biopharmaceutical companies better understand how to design studies and collect data needed to prevent, diagnose, treat, ameliorate or cure complex and/or rare disease. This is the first study into the ability of patients to access clinical trials or treatments through compassionate use.

As part of the AnovaOS™ platform, patients can connect with doctors and research sites, identify studies of interest, and gain access to promising new treatments through a named provider. The Registry will expedite identification and recruitment of participants for clinical trials of promising therapeutics and observational studies.

‘We are delighted to launch this ambitious and far-reaching study, as part of Anova’s effort to improve access to and accelerate the development of investigational product for patients,’ added Chris Beardmore, CEO at Anova and Principal Investigator. ‘There is very little research into the clinical trials process and how to improve how biopharmaceutical companies bring promising new treatments to market. Our AnovaOSTM technology platform is already being used by physicians to find promising new treatments for patients in clinical trials and through compassionate use requests. Real world data on patients, including clinical, laboratory and molecular information, on patients with complex and rare disease and how they access and benefit from promising new treatments will help Anova and our partners bring important treatments to patients faster.’

Details of the study can be found at reference NCT05013944.

Interested participants in the study can see more details and register at


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Anova Enterprises, Inc. (Anova) is accelerating clinical development with a technology platform (AnovaOS™) that streamlines access for those involved in research, accelerates throughput of new therapies, and provides a framework for collaboration, quality evidence generation and scientific insight.

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