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Anthem Sports & Entertainment Consolidates Broadcast Channels onto a Single Platform with Qumulo

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Qumulo, the breakthrough leader in radically simplifying enterprise file data management across hybrid-cloud environments, today announced that Anthem Sports & Entertainment has teamed with Qumulo to significantly accelerate performance and boost uptime.

“Qumulo’s value to the entire business is immense. It removed heavy burdens that were holding us back,” said Ryan Barnes, Supervisor of Technical Implementations & Maintenance at Anthem. “With Qumulo, we can expand upon our capabilities, meet and exceed viewer expectations, and rapidly grow as a company.”

Anthem is a television production and multimedia company that produces and broadcasts entertainment, sports, gaming, and theatrically released films and documentaries. Its intensive production environment and applications needed fast access to massive amounts of digital data and enhanced data management capabilities.

Anthem Boosts Productivity in Demanding M&E Environment

Anthem radically simplified its data management, gained real-time operational analytics and massive scalability, and consolidated 10 channels of broadcast content into a single, easy-to-manage solution – all supported by the Qumulo® File Data Platform. With Qumulo, Anthem was able to eliminate network slowdowns, improve the speed of workflows and overall employee productivity and satisfaction. By leveraging Qumulo’s ultra-fast platform, Anthem also enriched its video-on-demand (VOD) customer experience with flawless entertainment playback.

The Qumulo platform manages 225+ terabytes of Anthem’s large and growing data stores. Anthem’s IT team now oversees an intelligent centralized platform instead of managing multiple workgroups, application servers and storage. As Anthem’s data requirements increase, IT merely adds new nodes to scale capacity and performance automatically. The platform’s stability and performance have enabled Anthem to boost productivity and eliminate time previously spent troubleshooting storage and file issues.

“Qumulo’s performance is simply phenomenal, and it virtually manages itself,” added Barnes.

Before Qumulo, Anthem’s small IT team spent more than 500 hours a year on managing separate file storage. Qumulo’s powerful file data platform restored that time, allowing IT to work on high-priority projects to enhance Anthem’s business operations. Recent projects include a work-from-home solution that enables artists to access high-performance video workflows and a new IP-based playout system to distribute media content in the Middle East and Africa.

Before deploying Qumulo’s real-time analytics, IT manually had to identify and troubleshoot network hotspots impacting users. With Qumulo’s real-time operational analytics, the IT team can immediately identify hotspots, and the company’s traffic managers can easily monitor contractual obligations for broadcast partners.

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