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AnyVision Closes $74 Million Series A with New Participation from M12 and DFJ Growth

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AnyVision, a leading computer vision company specializing in face, body,
and object-recognition software, today announced the close of its $74
million Series A financing round. New investment comes from M12,
Microsoft’s venture fund, DFJ Growth and OG Technology Partners. As part
of the Series A, AnyVision previously announced investment from
LightSpeed Venture Partners, Robert Bosch GmbH, Qualcomm Ventures, and
Eldridge Industries.

AnyVision, founded in 2015, is a leading computer vision company
specializing in face, body, and object-recognition software. AnyVision
develops core software solutions that make all cameras smart. These
solutions are agnostic to all cameras, computing frameworks, and

“There are very few times in business when you have the opportunity to
build an entirely new industry alongside leading ecosystem players,”
said Eylon Etshtein, CEO and Co-Founder of AnyVision. “We are fortunate
to have the backing of chipmakers like Qualcomm, camera manufacturers
such as Bosch, and now cloud service providers like Microsoft through
M12’s investment. We have the optimal combination of industrial
validation and financial horsepower to become the leader in this

“Our mission at DFJ Growth is to back disruptive innovators addressing
large, emerging market opportunities. We believe AnyVision has clearly
separated itself as a leader in the high-growth market for computer
vision, supported by glowing customers reviews praising how AnyVision’s
products are improving safety and customer experience,” said Sam Fort,
Partner at DFJ Growth. “We have also been impressed with AnyVision’s
leadership in driving privacy and ethics standards for the use of
recognition technology. We look forward to working with AnyVision to
help them accelerate their rapid growth.”

AnyVision currently develops technology for security and surveillance,
mobile authentication, access control, and real-world analytics. These
core solutions are being utilized today across various industries
including banks, stadiums, casinos and retail to improve safety, realize
cost savings, and increase customer satisfaction. The new funding will
be used to continue growing the company’s existing geographies and
industry verticals.

AnyVision places a top priority on privacy and ethical use of
recognition technology. Regarding privacy, AnyVision’s technology does
not collect or share user data, nor does it capture images. The data
captured is rendered in the form of mathematical vectors which act as
unbreakable cryptography and prevent identity hacking. AnyVision
believes that a truly effective solution is only as valuable as the way
its algorithms are designed and trained. Close attention is paid to
which data sets are used and how data is annotated, utilizing scenarios
as diverse as the world itself. AnyVision is also in strong support of
regulation for the facial recognition industry and will continue to
ensure that personal data stays private and is fully compliant with
local laws and regulations.

Today, AnyVision has more than 240 employees globally, with offices in
Tel Aviv, New York, Mexico, London, and Singapore, and a dedicated team
of over 30 PhDs in Belfast focused solely on computer vision research.
AnyVision’s global customers number in the hundreds, including many
Fortune 50 clients.

About AnyVision

AnyVision, the world’s leading designer and developer of computer vision
software, was founded in 2015 to make AI accessible to the real
world. AnyVision develops software that has the ability to make all
cameras smart.