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Aparavi and GigaOm Lay out Path to Empowering Digital Transformation with Digital Management

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a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space, today
announced that it is co-presenting a webinar with GigaOm about how the
right data management practices and intelligent archives can boost the
value of data and make it reusable for new applications June 25 at 10
a.m. PDT.

“Empowering Digital Transformation with Data Management,” features
Jonathan Calmes, vice president of business development at Aparavi, and
Enrico Signoretti, senior data storage analyst at GigaOm, as they
explore how to use data management best practices to improve value of
data and how to reuse it across the organization. Topics covered during
the free, one-hour webinar include:

  • Understanding data growth and diversity
  • Transforming a liability into an asset with classification and search
  • How to build efficient intelligent archives for data reusability
  • Applications that can benefit from data reusability

“Data is both the lifeblood of an organization as well as one of its
greatest challenges when faced with understanding content and managing
it for the long-term,” said Calmes. “It can be considered a liability or
become the most powerful asset for the organization, and any digital
transformation initiative will benefit from best practices in data

“Data management is now critical for every enterprise organization that
wants to transform data from a liability to an asset, and increase its
competitiveness,” said Signoretti. “Thanks to the right combination of
backend technology and innovative features, Aparavi can be a great
platform to build an intelligent data archive that can be leveraged to
make this transformation possible without disrupting existing
infrastructures and processes.”

Organizations grappling with the huge volume of unstructured data
retained for purposes such as compliance, historical reference, and
business reporting/analytics are embracing Aparavi. Aparavi’s
intelligent multi-cloud data management provides the ability to actively
manage data for long-term policy-based retention, open access, and
re-use, while providing an easy path to multi-cloud adoption.

The GigaOm/Aparavi webinar is ideally suited for CxOs, project managers,
decision makers and IT professionals. Register
or get more information

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