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Aparavi Partners with Backblaze on Intelligent Data Management Webinar

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a Gartner Cool Vendor in the multi-cloud data management space, today
announced that it is co-presenting a webinar with Backblaze, a world
leader in computer backup and cloud storage, that addresses five key
steps companies can take in order to transform unstructured content into
intelligent, multi-cloud data management that meets their long-term
retention and active archive needs.

Five Steps to Taming Unstructured Multi-Cloud Data
” webinar is
hosted by Jonathan Calmes, VP of Business Development for Aparavi, and
Skip Levens, Director of Product Marketing at Backblaze, live June 13 at
10 a.m. PDT. Among the topics covered during the 45-minute webinar are:

  • How to organize unstructured business data via classification and
  • How to archive data to one or more cloud destinations
  • How to access data to find any file at any time
  • How to move data to the most economical cloud
  • How to prune data based on retention policies

“Organizations understand the need for implementing long-term data
management tools to help them overcome growing volumes of business data
but tend to become overwhelmed when figuring out the best process to
take in order to solve this pressing need,” said Calmes. “We’ve
partnered with Backblaze on this webinar to explain how these
organizations can implement a solution that allows them to best overcome
data management challenges in a simple and easy-to-understand way. At
the conclusion of our presentation, attendees will know how they can
manage and retrieve all their business-critical data for compliance
purposes, historical reference, efficient business workflow and
intelligent re-use.”

“With over 750 petabytes of customer data under management, we have use
cases ranging from traditional backup through unstructured content on
B2. A wide array of pain points can be solved by cloud storage that is
only $5 per terabyte per month and makes everything is instantly
retrievable and usable,” said Ahin Thomas, Backblaze’s VP of Marketing.
“Users of Aparavi’s SaaS solution have the incremental advantage of
being able to apply cutting edge features like Aparavi’s data management
tools to add intelligence to their data.”

Aparavi’s Platform gives users fine-grained control and the ability to
dynamically discover, index, classify, and prune unstructured data while
ensuring long-term retention. Because Aparavi gives its customers the
ability to use the most strategic or cost-effective cloud storage for
their needs, to use multiple clouds, and to switch cloud vendors at any
time, this interoperability guarantee ensures archived files can be
moved into or out of B2 without requiring data to be brought on-premises

Those interested in attending Aparavi’s and Backblaze’s BrightTALK
webinar can register for free at
A recorded version of the webinar will be available on-demand at the
conclusion of the live event.

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