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Aperia Technologies Secures Funding to Accelerate Growth

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Technologies Inc.
, the leading supplier of tire management
technologies that improve the safety and efficiency of commercial
vehicles, today announced a $36 million Series C1 investment led by new
investors Blackhorn Ventures and Tenfore Holdings, with significant
participation from existing investors.

“Aperia is better positioned now more than ever before to continue its
mission to make transportation safer and more efficient,” said Josh
Carter, CEO of Aperia Technologies. “This capital will help Aperia scale
its recently introduced Halo Connect tire analytics platform, expand
into new global markets, and enable the continued progression toward a
connected and autonomous future.”

Aperia has won the trust of some of the most prominent commercial
vehicle fleets across the United States with its flagship Halo® Tire
Inflator technology. The recent introduction of Halo Connect utilizes
proprietary algorithms trained over more than half a decade and a
billion miles to sense and detect tire health issues before they become
severe. When used together fleets can virtually eliminate unplanned
tire-related downtime and CO2 emissions caused by tire under-inflation.

“With its Halo Tire Inflator technology, Aperia has created a unique
solution that can help truck makers and fleet managers operate safer and
more efficient vehicles,” said Dan Levine, Managing Partner at Tenfore
Holdings. “Aperia’s sensors and software provide various types of data
that have heretofore been largely inaccessible. Opening up insights from
this data can allow trucking companies, tire manufacturers, and other
auto parts makers to accelerate the shift to connected vehicles and
predictive maintenance.”

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), transportation
is the nation’s largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions, and within
this sector heavy-trucks are the second largest and fastest growing
segment in terms of emissions and energy use. Aperia has been initially
focused on delivering environmental innovation to the commercial
trucking space, with opportunity to adapt its technology across broader
vehicle segments.

“Aperia’s focus on delivering solutions for the transportation sector,
that deliver both a strong return on investment for their customers and
positive externalities, is strongly aligned with our investment
strategy,” said Trevor Zimmerman, Managing Partner of Blackhorn
Ventures. “Blackhorn invests in visionary companies leveraging
breakthroughs in engineering and innovative business models to drive new
standards of efficiency in industrial sectors – that’s exactly what
Aperia is doing.”

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About Aperia Technologies, Inc.

Aperia Technologies innovates to make transportation more efficient,
safer, and better for the environment. The company’s Halo® Tire Inflator
and related products improve fuel economy and road safety while reducing
tire expenditures, downtime, and maintenance costs for commercial
fleets. Aperia partners with tire manufacturers and fleets to offer
industry-leading technology that gives our partners a competitive
advantage. For more information, visit

About Blackhorn Ventures

Blackhorn Ventures invests in companies advancing breakthrough
technologies and innovative business models to unlock transformative
efficiency improvements in industrial sectors. Built upon the ICT
revolution and creative thinking, these companies are rapidly
transforming industrial sectors, while also achieving outsized
environmental and sustainability impacts. Founded by experienced
operators and investors, Blackhorn has a founder-friendly ethos,
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About Tenfore Holdings

Tenfore Holdings is an investment management firm that provides
operational value-add to growth-stage companies where technology plays a
transformative role. Tenfore focuses on equity/debt investments where
their operating experience and strategic relationships can enhance
value. Tenfore has extensive experience operating at scale and
understands how to build smaller enterprises to scale. By providing
capital, strategic guidance at the board level, and operational support
to talented managers, Tenfore helps companies realize their full
revenue, profit and market-value potential for the long-term.