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Apollo Federation Surpasses 2 Billion Queries Per Day as It Helps Software Teams Collaborate Better, Ship Faster

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Apollo GraphQL, the pioneer in the use of open source and commercial GraphQL API technologies today announced new features and enhancements to Apollo Federation to empower engineering teams at companies large and small to deliver higher-quality software, more efficiently, and faster than ever before.

Exposing a single data graph for developers enables organizations to get the most out of GraphQL. The challenge is representing an enterprise-scale data graph with a single, monolithic GraphQL server. To remedy this, Apollo Federation enables organizations to divide a graph’s implementation across multiple composable services. This empowers teams to get new products to customers faster as teams can work in parallel.

With more than one million downloads each month of its open source gateway, Apollo Federation is the most popular solution for managing a distributed data graph. Today’s launch adds new capabilities to help customers scale the data graph across many teams, balancing developer independence with strong governance and operational control.

“Today’s announcement solidifies Apollo Federation’s position as the most mature solution to deliver GraphQL at scale. Apollo’s enterprise customers run more than 2 billion queries a day through Apollo federated data graphs, more than 400% annual growth,” said Matt DeBergalis, co-founder and CTO of Apollo GraphQL. “Apollo’s Federation model is the only technology that provides the composability and governance needed for enterprise-scale data graphs.”

Key Capabilities

Reflecting Apollo’s continued investment in empowering all companies to make software easy, better, and more accessible, new features in Apollo Federation include:

  • Integrated Federation Tools in Apollo Studio. New tools for Studio, Apollo’s flagship web-based application, including visual query plans and federated composition checks, improve teams’ ability to navigate, test, and govern a federated graph, increasing developer productivity and organizational agility.
  • Apollo Workbench. Apollo Workbench is a VS Code plugin that helps developers collaborate on schema design in a federated graph. With Workbench, organizations can explore how changes to one subgraph can impact the entire common graph without the need to run servers. Teams can use Workbench to adopt Federation incrementally.
  • Rover CLI. Rover is Apollo’s new command-line interface (CLI) for testing schema changes, publishing them to the registry, and managing changes. Rover is built as a static binary, helping teams using a broad set of languages, CI/CD pipelines and DevOps environments to coordinate their efforts and contribute to a common data graph for their organization. Continuing Apollo’s commitment to the open source GraphQL community, the code for Rover is available at

Why companies are choosing Federation

“We chose Apollo so we can continue to focus on our company mission – destigmatizing and making mental health more accessible for employees across the world. Apollo’s Federation empowers our engineering teams to work independently while collaborating on a rapidly growing graph that is becoming central to how we deliver industry leading products and features to our growing global customer base,” said Nick DiRienzo, Software Engineer at Modern Health.

Database vendors are also adopting Apollo Federation as a graph integration strategy. The latest to join is DataStax, whose engineers are adding Apollo Federation to the open-source data gateway Stargate, delivering Federation-ready GraphQL APIs to access Apache Cassandra™ stored data.

To learn more about the updates to Apollo Federation, please visit our blog post here.

About Apollo GraphQL

Apollo GraphQL, the most widespread implementation of GraphQL, is focused on making application development easier, better, and faster. Apollo builds open source tools and commercial services used by thousands of developers in production and has cultivated a strong community around GraphQL. With the Apollo Data Graph Platform, customers like Expedia, Glassdoor, Audi, PayPal, and others rapidly implement GraphQL, consistent with industry best practices, providing their customers with the high-quality, personalized digital experiences they expect—on all of their devices. Based in San Francisco, Apollo is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Matrix Partners, and Trinity Ventures.