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Aporeto to Present Informatica Case Study in AWS Partner Webinar

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Aporeto, a leader in Zero Trust Cloud Security, announced today an upcoming webinar titled “Manage Secure Shell (SSH) Access with Time-Bound Certificates.” Taking place on October 15, 2019, at 10 a.m. Pacific Time, the webinar will explain how Informatica leveraged Aporeto to create secure, keyless SSH access for all its users. The speakers are: Carmen Puccio, principal solutions architect, AWS; Ariful Huq, director of product management, Aporeto; and Alec Chattaway, director of cloud infrastructure operations, Informatica.

The webinar will address questions that organizations expanding their cloud footprint will have as they re-evaluate their user cloud PAM strategy and consider who has access to their infrastructure. This can often be a large undertaking and lead to complex, sprawling network security interfaces across applications, workloads, and containers. Aporeto on Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables security administrators to unify their security management and visibility to create consistent policies across all their instances and containerized environments. Read this case study to learn more about this deployment and find out how Informatica improved resiliency and reduced average downtime hours with Aporeto on AWS.

Attendees of the webinar will learn:

  • How Informatica reduced application deployment time by 83 percent through automated authentication and authorization
  • The advantages of keyless time-bound, just-in-time secure shell (SSH) access through Aporeto
  • Best practices for auditing and logging user identity and activity, and how Aporeto can help you meet compliance requirements

About Aporeto

Aporeto is a leader in Zero Trust Cloud Security, providing comprehensive network security through microsegmentation and secure access to applications and infrastructure by using application identity rather than IP addresses. Aporeto protects against attacks and enables complete visualization, simplified proof of compliance, centralized policy management, and accelerated app migration across all workloads including containers, Kubernetes, serverless, service mesh and VM environments. Aporeto future-proofs hybrid cloud infrastructures, delivering stronger cloud security, operational security agility to accelerate digital transformation, and better ROI for any infrastructure at any scale. Learn more at or request a free trial at