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Applied OLAP, Inc. Announces Partner of the Year Award for EssAnalytics

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Applied OLAP, Inc. has recognized EssAnalytics the Dodeca Solutions Specialist Partner of the Year. EssAnalytics, based in Dayton, OH specializes in providing Enterprise Performance Management for a complete and integrated system to manage and optimize organizational performance.

“Working with Applied OLAP’s Dodeca software provides EssAnalytics the ability to develop extremely tailored, scalable, and easy to use, business analytics applications for our clients,” said Brad Gingrich, President, EssAnalytics. “We are very pleased, to receive this award, which confirms our commitment to deliver optimized analytic solutions to our customers.”

Chris Newman, Manager of Global FP&A for Vertiv Holdings Co (NYSE: VRT) stated:

“We were introduced to Dodeca when we commissioned EssAnalytics to help us build an Essbase solution for forecasting our compensation expenses worldwide. Dodeca easily allowed us to have a familiar spreadsheet interface that made our final solution extremely easy for our HR users to navigate the Essbase database, yet powerful enough for our Finance users to efficiently analyze the data. We are very impressed with the value gained by having a portal to access our data and run standardized reports with a couple of mouse clicks. The result has allowed us to move away from sending sensitive data in spreadsheets via email and operate in an environment where templates are easily accessible, filled out, and shared across the business.”

“This award recognizes the EssAnalytics teams’ ability to support our mutual clients in optimizing their financial systems and decision-making process,” said Tim Tow, President of Applied OLAP. “The depth and breadth of the experience of the EssAnalytics specialists has assured the success of joint projects and the sustainability of the solutions implemented.”

Applied OLAP, Inc. is driven by a determination to help customers succeed by helping them make more informed and better decisions with the help of our technology. The Dodeca Spreadsheet Management System provides the flexibility to build applications that fit the needs of your business without being forced to compromise requirements.

About Applied OLAP, Inc.

Applied OLAP, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Tim Tow, a widely recognized and respected expert in Essbase technology. Their focus is to provide products and services that empower customers to maximize their investments in Essbase and other corporate information resources. Applied OLAP customers include Abbott, The Kroger Company, Nestle, MasterCard, Manulife, Wells Fargo and Four Seasons. For more information see

About EssAnalytics

EssAnalytics is a team of EPM experts who have a deep understanding of the industry and landscape, resulting in the delivery of business and process consulting services that extend beyond the technology. EssAnalytics develops value-based business solutions, enabled by technology, to cut through complex business problems and address your specific needs. Their focus on enterprise-wide business transformation allows organizations to leverage their technology investments to make better, more timely decisions based on trusted data.