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Applied Real Intelligence (“A.R.I.”) Announces Advisory Board

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Applied Real Intelligence (“A.R.I.”), an emerging venture debt investment firm, which recently launched its Venture Debt Opportunities Fund, is pleased to announce the initial members of its new Advisory Board, including Cynthia Bai, Jonathan Easton, Susan Estes, Courtney Hall, Roy Lowrance, and Guy Pinkman.

“I am humbled to welcome this distinguished group of high-integrity leaders who are dedicated to A.R.I.’s success. The Advisory Board will provide A.R.I.’s leadership team with invaluable guidance on matters such as strategy, corporate governance, execution, innovation, and risk management,” said Zack Ellison, A.R.I.’s Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer.

“The challenges founders face when introducing innovative solutions to underserved and inefficient markets cannot be overstated. I am thrilled to join A.R.I.’s Advisory Board and look forward to working with Zack and providing guidance as he navigates the hurdles in his pioneering efforts to democratize access to debt capital funding solutions for early-stage companies,” said Susan Estes, President & CEO, OpenDoor Trading.

“As a former NFL team captain and co-founder of a venture capital firm, I learned that including diverse viewpoints provides a tangible performance edge. I am pleased to bring my own unique leadership perspectives to A.R.I.’s Advisory Board, and believe that Zack is well-positioned to augment the current VC ecosystem by empowering founders with greater access to debt capital,” said Courtney Hall, Managing Director, Hillcrest Venture Partners.

“I am committed to helping Zack and his team build an outstanding fund that applies the highest industry standards while aligning interests between LPs and GPs. A.R.I.’s focused approach on fiduciary responsibilities and risk management will help their investors protect and grow their assets,” said Guy Pinkman, Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Advisory Committee, City of Lincoln Nebraska Police & Fire Pension Trustee.

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