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Applova Tops Your Restaurant’s Profits

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Applova Inc., the Palo Alto order-ahead technology, announces the release of restaurant analytics for independent restaurants, food trucks, kiosks and small chains. Applova’s restaurant analytics is a plug and play tool that collects every datapoint and converts them into meaningful insights. It’s like having your own personal analyst built into your order and delivery platform.

Dinesh Saparamadu, CEO of Applova Inc., says, “We’re thrilled to have introduced Applova Analytics for restaurants. We want business owners to take control of the rich sources of data spread across restaurant’s systems to improve their business and generate more profits.” Saparamadu also adds, “For revenue-driven restaurant operators, Applova Analytics is the right investment to extract meaningful insights. Ultimately, analytics help improve everything from menus and staff training to restaurant policies and marketing campaigns.”

Restaurant owners can dive into details and uncover insights, forecast, compare, access menu analytics, point-of-sale and view customer analytics. These are all valuable insights to make data-driven decisions. The solution also includes intelligent assistance to discover new ideas that grow traffic. This intelligent assistant studies restaurant data and interacts with human-like responses to users with directions to grow and thrive in sales.

Applova is on a journey to empower restaurant operators with different revenue channels and a high quality ordering experience for their customers. For businesses interested in engaging with Applova, please call 650 242 9992 or email

About Applova

Applova Inc., is a Silicon Valley based entity, functioning in silent partnership with small and medium players in the food service industry. At the heart of Applova’s operation is a spirit of rooting for home-grown businesses. With a portfolio of self-order kiosks, online storefronts and mobile order-ahead solutions, Applova empowers businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences and improve their bottom line. Out-of-the-box solutions come integrated with payment gateways, POS terminals and e-commerce platforms with no coding required. With Applova, businesses can leverage new sales channels while driving new levels of customer engagement. It is all about making complex solutions simple and accessible for all. Just think of Applova as your silent partner.

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