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AppraisalWorks Announces Integration With the Ice Mortgage Technology Platform

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AppraisalWorks, a leading property valuation and appraisal management technology provider, announced that its AppraisalWorks™ platform is now available through the ICE Mortgage Technology™ Platform. The seamless integration is built on the latest Partner Connect API Platform and allows lenders to order, assign, monitor, and review real estate valuations, from a marketplace of AMCs and appraisers, directly through the Platform – driving quality and efficiency in the loan origination process and standardizing the vendor and borrower experience.

The seamless integration between AppraisalWorks and the ICE Mortgage Technology Platformallows lenders to fully leverage the platform and order appraisals and property valuations through both Encompass® and Encompass LO Connect. Post-order entry, service automation within the AppraisalWorks platform drives the event workflow to eliminate need for human intervention on valuation orders. Lenders are able to set up approved vendor panels, customize workflows by lending channel, and configure automated assignment logic to route orders based on patented business rule logic – eliminating administrative overhead and accelerating turn times. Throughout the order process, stakeholders have permissions-based access to messaging, status updates, payment processing, and automated alerts – allowing greater transparency and improved collaboration among stakeholders. Once complete, appraisal and valuation documents are automatically delivered straight to the eFolder, populating key data elements in the Encompass system, where lenders can review the reports.

Ellie Mae, now ICE Mortgage Technology™, a division of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), is the leading cloud-based loan origination platform provider for the mortgage industry. The ICE Mortgage Technology Platform empowers lenders and investors to engage homebuyers and efficiently originate, close, sell and purchase loans that maximize ROI across their business all from a single system of record. The platform delivers a true digital mortgage experience across the entire mortgage workflow for every channel, every loan transaction and every customer type.

“AppraisalWorks is excited to partner with ICE Mortgage Technology,” said Ben Wiant, vice president for AppraisalWorks. “Our secure, robust integration with the ICE Mortgage Technology Platform enables lenders to automate and simplify the process of ordering real estate appraisal and valuation services, so they can more efficiently process mortgage, home equity and refi loans and more profitably grow their business.”

About AppraisalWorks

AppraisalWorks is a cloud-based appraisal management technology platform that enables lenders to order, manage, and analyze real estate appraisals and collateral valuations. Through its Community and Enterprise versions, AppraisalWorks improves process efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates collaboration, and enables process automation – providing lenders with seamless valuation technology to reduce turnaround times, costs per loan, and improve the overall borrower experience. AppraisalWorks is patented under U.S. Patent 10,635,999. Visit to transform your appraisal management function from costly overhead to a competitive advantage.