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Apricorn Extends Latest Version of AegisWare™ Firmware and Feature Set to All Models

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the leading manufacturer of software-free, 256-bit AES XTS
hardware-encrypted USB storage devices, today announced that the latest
version of AegisWare™, Apricorn’s proprietary firmware and feature set,
is now standard on all portable and Secure Key encrypted products. In
addition to offering customizable security controls, the latest version
of AegisWare features a new enhanced chipset that delivers read and
write speed increases of up to 80% on select portable devices.

Developed and implemented in Apricorn’s North San Diego facility,
AegisWare encompasses the proprietary firmware and feature set that is
deployed universally on all eight Apricorn Aegis secure device models.
From the Aegis Secure Keys to the large capacity Aegis Desktop models,
the feature set and controls are universal from model to model – all of
the passwords and commands are entered by way of the device’s onboard
keypad, and 100% of the authentication and encryption processes take
place within the devices themselves, never involving host software or
sharing password or encryption key data with any host computers.
Additionally, all have military-grade 256-bit AES XTS encryption and
firmware that cannot be updated or modified.

“AegisWare is a unique blend of security features, controls, and product
design philosophy that has evolved from a decade of manufacturing secure
storage devices, becoming what we have determined to be the safest
places for your most sensitive data,” said Mike McCandless, vice
president of sales and marketing at Apricorn. “While we share a number
of functional similarities with other secure device manufacturers, we
differ in what our secure drives do – and don’t do. We have designed our
products to circumvent a number of very real security vulnerabilities we
have identified, such as Default PINs, that are still commonly found in
our competitors’ products. Research shows that the highest incidence of
corporate data breach stems from the employee base, so our approach is
first and foremost to remove the element of employee error or laziness
from the security equation.”

AegisWare features include:

  • Admin Mode for Device Setup
  • Forced Enrollment / No Default PIN Vulnerability
  • Programmable PIN Lengths
  • Programmable Brute Force Attempts Allowed
  • Two Read-Only Modes
  • Data Recovery PINs
  • Unattended Auto Lock
  • Lock Override
  • Self-Destruct PIN
  • Bootable
  • No Backdoors
  • Mass Configurable (using Aegis Configurator™)
  • Malware Immune
  • Enhanced chipset (delivering read and write speed increases of up to
    80% on select portable devices)

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About Apricorn

Headquartered in Poway, California, Apricorn provides secure storage
innovations to the most prominent companies in the categories of
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