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ARBA Retail Systems – COVID-19 Contactless POS Solutions

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In 2020, the novel coronavirus impacted every business worldwide. Since the start of the pandemic, ARBA Retail Systems has been working tirelessly to solve the underlying issues that COVID-19 created for businesses. We have been working non-stop to present the solutions that companies can use to limit the amount of personal interaction at the point-of-sale (POS). These solutions include our Online Ordering and Self-Service Kiosks, integrated with contactless payment methods, for various food services locations, including cafeterias and coffee bars.

Contactless POS is something that ARBA Retail Systems has implemented for several years, but recently there is a high demand for our contactless solutions. With the new worldwide fruition of contactless POS, ARBA Retail Systems feels it is our mission to present these essential solutions for all businesses. These solutions carry many benefits that can help companies save time and increase revenue, but most importantly, keep your customers and employees safe.

ARBA’s Online Ordering POS solution for foodservice is the best solution to limit the amount of contact at your point-of-sale because guests and employees can place orders through an online portal. Employees or guests can place orders using ARBA’s contactless payment options such as ArbaRapidPay (payroll deductions or draw down/declining balance accounts), or traditional contactless payment types, such as debit/credit card, and mobile payments. These orders are routed to a kitchen printer and can be designated for inside delivery or pick up.

Additionally, ARBA’s Self-Service Kiosks is an excellent solution to prevent your cashier’s exposure to guests and employees during a transaction. ARBA’s Self-Service Kiosks allows employees and guests to place orders without face to face interaction. Adding Self-Service Kiosks exclusively or combined with Cashier-Operated Registers reduces lines at facilities, which will help eliminate overall human interaction.

Recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) suggest that businesses should be implementing new internal formalities to help prevent the spread of the virus. Such protocols will include “Implementing policies and practices for social distancing in the workplace,” which comes directly from the CDC’s website. ARBA Retail Systems wholeheartedly recommends considering our contactless POS solutions because they are proven to help mitigate the spread of infectious disease.

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