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ARBA Retail Systems – COVID19 Solutions Update

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Amid ongoing concerns about the novel coronavirus and anticipation of a second and possibly third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, industries are rethinking daily operations to recover from branding and revenue loss.

ARBA Retail Systems’ POS clients and prospects are experiencing similar challenges. The pandemic has affected their lives and livelihoods. The crisis highlights the need for urgent action to soften the pandemic’s health and economic consequences. ARBA is playing a pivotal role in partnering with our clients to ease financial and health impacts, and setting the stage for a healthy and lasting recovery.

Research suggests that digitization among retail and food services clients and their consumers’ lifestyles, and their enterprise operations has already accelerated in view of the pandemic. ARBA is committed to evolving our POS solutions to strengthen our vision on contactless payment solutions. This quick to market strategy enables us to help our clients and their consumers with a fully integrated contactless POS experience.

ARBA has responded in partnering with our clients by developing convenient contactless payment solutions for seamless, swift, and socially distant transactions. Once set up, the systems are relatively maintenance-free. Even after COVID-19 concerns ease in the next couple of years, many consumers will continue to favor online shopping, self-service kiosks, and payroll deductions or draw-down accounts rather than returning to old traditional and physical transactions.

Research has shown that once consumer behavior changes, it tends to stick. People may opt to continue with this convenience even when it is no longer required. Larger retailers may find it easier to switch to online sales than small in-store retailers. The good news is with our new contactless suite of solutions, ARBA is providing immediate help to small and medium retailers, and food services providers.

Consumer spending is likely to recover over time. Still, the way people shop and pay for products and services will fundamentally change permanently, and ARBA Retail Systems has prepared well for this permanent change.

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