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ARC Europe Group Leverages Medallia to Streamline Experience of Roadside Assistance Customers

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Medallia, Inc. (NYSE: MDLA), the global leader in customer and employee experience and engagement, today announced that ARC Europe Group, the largest provider of B2B roadside assistance and mobility solutions, is leveraging the Medallia Experience Cloud platform to improve customer retention and brand loyalty during an unforeseen event on the side of the road.

ARC Europe Group and its network of automobile clubs across Europe have been serving as the leading partners of automakers for 30 years providing end-to-end customer service through a multiple set of solutions, spanning from service delivery at the roadside, to EV Assistance (including assistance at the charging stations) and over the air assistance following the new Connected Car services requirements.

The implementation of Medallia Experience Cloud today allows ARC Europe Group to further place the customer at the heart of its operations by capturing key insights during an assistance event and proposing the right solution in real-time.

“Our collaboration with Medallia has been pivotal in helping us to streamline the customer experience delivered to our OEM Partners,” said Antoine Aubry, Head of Marketing and Communication at ARC Europe Group. “During a roadside event, the entire brand’s value chain is challenged. Therefore, by monitoring drivers’ expectations at every step of the assistance process, we are continuously improving our service proposal and helping our B2B customers with their customer retention and customer satisfaction strategies.”

ARC Europe Group is now rolling out the solution across several countries in Europe. This partnership is an additional step toward the digitalization of the assistance industry in accordance with European data protection regulations.

“The need for digitalization in the automotive market is a necessity borne out of consumer expectations”, said Greg Philiotis, SVP and Head of International, Medallia. “By its very nature, assessing and improving on the customer experience in this industry presents many challenges and we are delighted to be working with ARC Europe Group to help them to overcome these and deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction.”

About ARC Europe Group

ARC Europe Group is the largest supplier of B2B roadside assistance services in Europe with an outstanding network in more than 40 European countries. The Group represents its own subsidiaries in France, Poland, Russia and Greece, and its shareholders which are the major automobile clubs in Europe: ADAC, The AA, ANWB, ACI, OEAMTC, RACE, TCB & TCS.

The Group entered new fields of activities, with the ambition to sustain the electrical shift, delivering mobility solutions and connected services enlarging its geographical scope.

About Medallia

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