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ARGO Connects Improves Customer Experience and Grows Deposits with Digitally Intelligent Omni-Channel Functionality

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ARGO, the leading provider of high-value technology and analytical-sciences software for the financial services and healthcare industries, announced the availability of ARGO Connects, designed to enable financial institutions to deploy a digitally intelligent, Omni-Channel, customer-centric delivery business model that enhances the entire consumer digital and human experience. Using consumer lifetime value information to direct actions expands the customer journey touchpoints, including intelligent advertising, improved risk detection, and Omni paperless fulfillment.

“The digital banking revolution has redefined consumer engagement rules and has diminished the success of traditional customer/member engagements,” said Todd Robertson, senior vice president, ARGO. “While digital solutions are designed to improve consumer connections, many banks and credit unions struggle with the disconnect and lack of personal interactions and influence. ARGO Connects is designed to help financial institutions overcome these issues, improve consumer engagement and strengthen customer/member loyalty by offering a streamlined digital experience.”

Key capabilities of ARGO Connects include:

  1. Insights & Improved Data Assets

    With greater insights, financial institutions better understand their customer/member journey stages, identify clues/awareness on customer/member intentions and needs, identify the right timing and signals to engage with a customer/member and have effective risk management, such as authentication, fraud detection and security.
  2. Proactive Outreach Capabilities

    Being proactive improves the probability of success by knowing consumer intentions/interest and financial capability, deploying intelligent decision enabling layers, ensuring actions are aligned to customer/member needs/goals and creating a technology-based customer engagement and sales model.
  3. Relevant Content

    Content around customer education, needs assessment, fulfillment, engagement, behavioral based advertising response and servicing functionality ensures customers/members are receiving relevant and needs-based information.
  4. Omni-Channel Support

    A collaborative digital and human approach across the various channels such as mobile, internet, contact center and the branch results in a complete, comprehensive and enhanced customer/member experience.

“The customer/member experience is being molded and driven by other industries. Thus not having an adequate Omni-channel digitally-capable plan carries substantial risk to staying relevant. The pain points consumers are experiencing in the disconnect between digital, contact center, and branch for customer service has to be addressed. Consumer preferences have been clearly stated and we know what the end goal looks like,” said Robertson.

About ARGO

Founded in 1980, ARGO develops, installs and supports high-value technology and analytical-sciences software for the financial services and healthcare industries. ARGO currently works with nearly 300 banking customers in all financial services sectors including six of the top 10 banks, and non-bank financial services lenders as well as provides solutions for a leading-edge health care information exchange and major health care providers.